Poetry: John Keats

I fell in love with Keats and his poetry after watching the film 'Bright Star' about the last three years of his life. I cried like an absolute whimp and have watched it five times since the first encounter. I also have a whole collection of his poems and I have even tabbed my favourites and I read a poem every night before I go to sleep. 

The only thing I find disheartening about Keats is that he died thinking he was a failure which upsets me because I most certainly don't he was a failure at all and there is a quote he said himself about a wish he had which was to "be among the English poets after my death" and he certainly has achieved his goal.I was so close to visiting the place where he died in Rome two years ago on holiday however, I think the museum was shut so I only have imagination and few photos. 

Next year I will be lucky enough to study more of Keats' poetry at AS Level in English Literature which I am really looking forward to! 

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