The Fifteen Reasons Why I Was Born in the Wrong Era

It hit me a few months back that I knew I was born in the wrong era and here are fifteen reasons why I think so.

1. I am a lover of charity shops and vintage fairs. 
2. I'd rather be swanning off with some rich bloke that remotely resembles a 19th century Ryan Gosling (is that too much to ask?).
3. I am massive poetry nerd and love a bit of Keats and Shelley. 
4. Society today has been taken over by hipsters who wear barely anything except Disco Pants and Vans. I just don't get it and I wouldn't be seen dead parading round with a birds nest on my head either.  
5. When I am older I want to live in a tiny village and pretend I live in the 19th century (curse you Jane Austen and Charlotte BrontĂ«!). 
6. I listen to classical music (queue the laughter from my peers).  I especially love OSTs from films such as Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyre.
7. On a day to day basis I go all au-natural. (That's right, not even filling in my eyebrows!) - Just a bit of moisturiser et voilĂ  my 19th century Jane Eyre-esque look is complete. 
8. I have worn my hair in Victory Rolls for the past week. 
9. Sometimes, on a morning I love to get up early and watch the sun rise. I feel like the opening scenes of Pride & Prejudice is actually happening. 
10. I love to watch old black and white films. My favourite film is 'A Brief Encounter'.
11. I have this craving to write letters to people sometimes - even if it's just to a friend who I saw that day. 
12.  I am fascinated by Architecture and just love gazing at old Churches and having a look in  Museums and stately homes etc. 
13. My motto in life is "I prefer the cheaper things in life". So, you won't ever find me in TopShop spending a ridiculous amount of money on an item of clothing which I will never wear.  
14. I am a seventy year old woman at heart - I'm particularly slow, I wear clothes appropriate for the elderly and I want to live in small cottage. Plus I am the perfect height (5" exactly). 
15. I always think that the past is more exciting. I think the 1920s were spectacular: the music, the fashion and there were some incredible writers such as the likes of F.Scott Fitzgerald and T.S.Eliot.

Do you ever think you were born in the wrong era?

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