Five Minutes With Gabrielle Aplin

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I have an extremely exciting post for you today as it's not everday that my iPad lights up with a notification that says : '@GabrielleAplin has replied to your tweet'. I was squealing with delight and couldn't believe that someone who I admire so much had said yes for me to interview them. Not only is this lovely lady a fabulous singer/song writer but she is also a huge fan of charity shopping so, I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to ask her a few questions on this topic.

First of all, what are the main reasons for shopping in charity shops?
I've always bought most of my clothes there, especially when I was younger. So did my parents, we weren't a really wealthy family and I guess it was the only place if I needed clothes! I didn't really see it as a thing that was 'cool'. My mum used to take me to jumble and car boot sales too. 

Where are your favourite places to go charity shopping?
Literally anywhere! I always go in and have a look. RSPCA are great, and it makes it more worthwhile when it’s a charity you really support. 

What started your love of charity/second hand shopping?
It's just something that was a normal part of mine and my family's life when I was growing up. It wasn't a thing we did for fun; we just didn't have the money to buy everything we owned new.

What is your favourite find from a charity shop?
I buy lots of vinyl from charity shops. Rumours by Fleetwood mac is my favourite find! 

Do you have any tips for when shopping in second hand/charity shops? 
Shopping is shopping and is the same everywhere you go, but it’s always nice to research and find out about what your money is doing for them. It’s humbling to know how much you help! 

I'd like to thank the wonderful Gabrielle for taking the time to answer these questions!

What did you think to this interview?

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