Revision: My Tips & Tricks

Know Your Exam Timetable!
I have my exam timetable on my mirror and all my exam dates in my school planner and tabbed so I know exactly when and where my exams are. If you turn up late to an exam, that's it and you won't have another chance to do it, so be prepared and be on time or early to an exam!

Use Colour! 
I always use highlighters to jazz up my revision notes and highlight the most important bits of my revision that I think will help me for my exams. I usually colour code my highlighters for different topics in certain subjects (e.g. In RS I've highlighted everything in Pink for Against certain topics and everything in Green for Agreeing with certain topics).

Make Revision Posters!
I have made revision posters for RS because it's one of my weakest subjects to learn a) because I despise it and b) I don't really understand it so I thought I would make it easier and more fun to learn with a spider diagram/poster with all of the information in one place rather than a boring revision guide. 

This is absolutely vital for a subject such as English Literature as one of my exams is Poetry and It's so important that you annotate everything that you can to get the best points in the exam.

Past Papers & Questions!
This way of revision is the best way for subjects such as Maths, English, Science and others such as Sociology and DT. You can easily access them online from the exam board website or your teacher is sure to have some in school so ask. You can also mark and grade them yourself.

Group Sessions!
Whether it's a revision class at school or a Saturday afternoon at a friends house, group sessions are great for if you're stuck on a certain subject or topic and you can help each other out, give advice and have a break afterwards.

Have a break!
DO NOT spend hours and hours revising! I do revision hourly or two hours per subject and then have a tea break for about half an hour of forty five minutes. Watch a few You Tube videos, do some blogging or watch an episode of Friends (it's only half an hour long and It always makes me laugh). Sometimes, if it's nice I will go out for a walk for an hour or so and it gives me some time to breath and enjoy the spring whilst I can. After your break you can go to a different subject.

It's that dreaded time of the year where exams are luming and everyone begins to panic about revision. Well, have no fear! With my tips and tricks (hopefully) you can become motivated to do the best you can! I hope these tips have got you that slightly bit more motivated and if you think I have missed anything or you want to share some of your revision tips then please do so in the comments!

Do you have any revision tips?

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