I feel so much better now you’re not around

I thought I would write you a pretty personal post today, as it is something that I have been meaning to write for quite a while and I thought these Lyrics by Gabrielle Aplin summed up this post perfectly. Some of you might not really know how this little blog came about so I thought I might tell you in my own words and you might understand how these lyrics fit in.

Rewind about a year ago and I was happily writing another little blog and I had taken a lot of inspiration from a girl who I had become close friends with. However, my attitude towards this particular girl and blogging would take a turn for the worse when the girl began accusing me of stealing a quotation of hers and copying a post. I know I brought this all on myself as I knew what I was doing what was wrong but truthfully it was because I had very bad writing block and I thought that this girl's blog was the crème de la crème of blogs (although I no longer think that any more). We fought for hours over facebook which would leave me in tears and afraid of someone who I thought was my friend and at the time, I thought she was a like a big sister to me, and I literally worshipped every word that came out of her mouth. She would send me threats of blocking me on blogger for plagiarism and would relentlessly message me and belittle me. She honestly made me feel like I was an absolutely horrible person and would even use personal things I had told her against me to make me feel even more guilty. 

I do not wish to embarrass this girl any longer but I found out she had even sunk as low as to lie to me about her self harming just to get a sympathy vote and to make her look like the victim! I finally said enough after our last argument and deleted my blog in fury and distress. I became really down after deleting my other blog as it had become quite a big part of my life and it was something I had very much enjoyed. It was a few days after when I told my parents everything about the situation and I broke down in tears because I had always been embarrassed about my blog and I was so scared of showing them the conversations I had had with the girl. They were so supportive and told me to forget everything that had happened and start fresh. 

So low and behold, my blog was born. My journey of blogging had been a rocky few months so far but I have learnt to love it again and I have made so many friends, met so many amazing people! Thankfully, this girl and I haven't spoken since September last year and I feel so much better now [she's] not around. I honestly think that this has made me a lot more confident and I feel like I can stand up for myself. 

Thank you for reading if you made it this far down the post. Sorry if this post hasn't been that interesting but I am just trying to get a point across some people aren't who they seem and that the blogging community can be a very scary place sometimes. However, don't let this post put you off nor stop you from blogging! I just wanted to share with you, my experience from first hand.

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