Photo Diary | Kirkstall Abbey & A Little Wander in Grassington

In early July, when we had the glorious heat, I met up with my friend at Kirkstall Abbey which is a gorgeous and local to me so, I decided to walk there which only took about half an hour and we had a lovely few hours together just chatting and eating strawberries, cake, and we even had party rings which took me back to when I was younger. 

On Sunday, my family and I went on a drive through the stunning Yorkshire Dales and we stopped off at a teeny tiny village called Grassington which has the smallest charity shop and eclectic little vintage shops and caf├ęs so I decided to take a few snaps. I especially love the up-cycled umbrellas and I just had to take a photo as I thought it was really quirky and creative. Driving through the dales gave me a lot of inspiration for writing and blogging. 

 Let me know if you have ever visited Kirkstall Abbey or the Yorkshire Dales. 

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