I recently dyed my hair and said good bye to my blonde highlighted locks. I think it's good to have a change now and again and I really like my colour. My pasty complexion makes me resemble Cathy Earnshaw from 'Wuthering Heights' (queue Kate Bush) so, I have been experimenting with my make-up a little more and I think I've found my 'go to' look for everyday!

I've been experimenting with my brows a lot lately and I definitely think less is more. I am not the hugest fan of the 'scouse' brow look either. So, I took the minimal approach with the shades 'Tranquil' and 'Lavish' from my MUA 'Undress Me Too' Palette with an angled brush. Next I simply do a winged liner look and apply some mascara. To add a bit of colour to my complexion, I will take Rimmel London Blush in 'Bronze' with a powder brush.

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