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Temporary Tattoos* c/o Fickle

I was contacted by Fickle about two weeks ago asking me to review a few samples of their temporary tattos. It took me back to the days of finding a blueberry temporary tattoo from cheep bubble gum and feeling the excitement when you pealed back to show your piece of art that would be soon rubbed off a few hours later. 

Fickle's designs are however, really cool and you get two in a packet for five pounds which is super thrifty! The designs have been hand drawn by a number of artists from Charlotte Farmer to Ed Grace. The process for applying the tattoo is well explained and took less than a minute! Simply apply your tattoo to the desired area, soak it with a cloth for thirty seconds and there you have your very own tattoo! All in all, I'm really pleased with my temporary art and will definitely be saving my others for events etc.

*this was a sponsored post

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