I'm on the Smock Dress Bandwagon

Baby Deer Smock Dress and Jacquard Spot Smock Dres both from Asos (c/o Nora's gift voucher*)

The title says it all really. Both smock dresses were an impulse buy with the very generous gift voucher I received from Nora’s giveaway a few months ago. I’d been hunting down the perfect smock dress for a while now and I didn’t particularly want it to be another plain piece to my wardrobe and I was inkling to a particular denim dress thanks to Ellie’s outfit featured here. I was however; drawn to this adorable piece above after noticing Lisette’s foxy smock dress in talk of blood sports (you can read the post here). I have loved deer ever since watching the Disney adaptation of ‘Bambi’ as a child and we have Deer neighbouring our house over the back field so why not? Spots are a classic print and you can't go wrong with a bit of monochrome can you? I was a bit worried about the sizing and I know that smock dresses are particularly on the larger size so I went a size down and they are a perfect fit! Knowing the perfect delivery estimation, the quality of the product, I will definitely be adding a few more items smock dresses into my asos basket.

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