(Not) Getting the Chop, Being Published & Dresses

Sorry for the extremely unflattering images, that's just how un-photogenic I am and how I look on a daily basis... 

I just felt the sudden urge to write this post this morning as I woke up at the ungodly hour of seven o'clock to get the last two pieces of my homework finished for college on Monday.

This week, I was absolutely sick to death of my hair and was seriously considering chopping it all off into a pixie cut inspired by the likes of Twiggy, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham. However, I chickened out and I wish I hadn't as I bloody hate my mop of frizzy mess that just sits there and does absolutely nothing. Although, today it has actually turned out quite curly...  

Onto a brighter note, I have been relentlessly contacting magazines and editors to request work experience but I have had no luck as of yet. However, I was very kindly offered a chance to be PUBLISHED IN A MAGAZINE (free but who cares?!) as, one of the editors who emailed me back said, I quote, "Congratulations on the blog - looks great and reads very well, you've obviously got the skills to embark on a career in journalism." This absolutely made my evening when I read it on Thursday and couldn't believe it! I've still had no luck yet regards to work experience but being published, I suppose, is in a way, work experience, right?

I'm actually supposed to be on a spending ban, but I caved and bought (another) smock dress from a vintage shop, Blue Rinse,  in Leeds, and it is the exact dupe of this beauty from topshop. I feel like I should quoting Dorothy Gale "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." and that I should be singing "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ!". 

So, that is me at the moment! Expect another Wonderful Wednesday post up this week right here! 

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