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'The White Queen' by Philippa Gregory Buy the full series here 
I remember drooling over Max Irons in the BBC adaptation of 'The White Queen' back in August and I never wanted it to end. It was well scripted and I couldn't take my eyes off the hairstyles and ended up trying to recreate a few of them myself. I have only just started reading the first out of four books in the series and It's bloody good! My copy was second hand from a family friend but you can buy the full series above from Amazon or even have a cheeky look in your local charity shops or the library!

Blogsphere Magazine / Buy the magazines here 
I was intrigued by this magazine when I read Lisette's post in which she featured this magazine. I really liked the look of it and at at a thrifty price of just four pounds, I couldn't say no. I got the bundle pack of both recent issues for just under nine pounds with free and next day delivery (next day only if you order by 3PM). I've re-read both issues several times and I love how clean and simple it is, and it is definitely unlike most magazines which are usually cluttered with pages and pages of adverts and so little content. This magazine is most certainly quirky and attention grabbing. I can't wait for issue three and I will definitely be subscribing.

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