Wonderful Wednesday

This week has gone so quickly, I couldn't even believe  that there was another 'Wonderful Wednesday' post to be written this week! I've been pretty busy these last few weeks with mocks and then having a weekend away, and the weather hasn't been that great so sorry for the not so cheerful photograph for this weeks post, but It captured the weather at it's best and I think it looks pretty.

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
 I had the best weekend away in Nottingham and I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for a great time Jake, Hannah and Ellie! I'm missing you all already!
 I have recently been look at universities which is super exciting!
 Tomorrow, I am meeting one of my oldest friends for a huge catch up and it will be so lovely to see her.
 My piercings have finally healed! I'm hoping to get the very glitzy studs changed to simple hoops.
 On Valentines day, I was very kindly featured in Jessica's post and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after reading the little snippet! Thank you Jess, I love you dearly.

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