Wonderful Wednesday

Good evening! Here we are again with another Wonderful Wednesday post. This week so far has had it's ups and downs with a few of my mock results but I don't wish to bore you all with that and this is supposed to be an positive and optimistic series!

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
 I was very kindly featured on Charlotte's blog  on Saturday which felt such an hounour! You should definitely check out the two other blog featured as well. Thank you very Charlotte for featuring me!
 I got the chance to interview singer/songwriter Natalie Holmes on Monday which was a great experience.
 I received the most kindest and sweetest letter from Jessica on Monday! I have to admit, it made me a little teary but I chuckled a lot too! Expect a reply soon m'love.
 As of tomorrow, I never have to think about my English Literature coursework ever again! Good riddance to Twelfth Night and Shakespeare (yipee!).
♥ I love how the days are gradually becoming longer and it's not pitch back when I come home from college.

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