Wonderful Wednesday

Hello again all you lovely lot! It's time for another Wonderful Wednesday post. Although not a lot has happened but I have lots of lovely things to look forward to this week and I'm just glad it's nearly Friday...

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
  It will be fantastic when Jake comes home on Friday evening for the weekend!
  I'm so grateful for all you lot, my readers, thank you for sticking with me! I'm *that* close to 300 via GFC (Wowza).
  Big news! The Festival of Thrift is coming back in September and I can't wait to go again this year, I will be joining the 'Thrift School' on Google+ this year to share my inside tips etc. so keep a look out for links on twitter and my blog soon!
 Blogsphere Magazine has seriously been giving me some good inspiration for blog posts and it's just so pretty...
 This made me laugh  and brightened up my day (This is known schadenfreude - pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others). I sound like a right bitch don't I?!

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