Wonderful Wednesday

Hello munchkins, I hope you are all having a great week so far. For me, this week has gone pretty quickly and couldn't believe I had to write yet another 'Wonderful Wednesday' post!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
I recently found Coffitivity in the app store and found out you can also get it on the internet too! I find it's great for when revising as there is the relaxing but bustling atmosphere of a coffee shop. Plus, it's completely free so that's a bonus! 
 It's not long until the Easter holidays, and it will be good to not have to wake up at six o'clock for the next two weeks. Also, it will be great to see Jake for a few days whilst he's back home. 
♥ I was ├╝ber excited for the announcement of Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 last week. However, to my disappointment, they completely disregarded the 'Best Thrifty Blog' category which I was shortlisted for last year. I'll still be voting for my favourite blogs though. When the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards come around this year, I'll be sure to try and get my blog squeezed in there somewhere!
♥ Notice anything different? I changed my blog design with one of my premade templates that I have lined up for my brand spanking new blog design business (Launching Friday 6th June 2014) and I went back to my simplistic roots with a grey and lilac theme to go along nicely with my new blog name. 
♥ I currently have 'Budapest' by George Ezra on repeat! You should definitely check him out. 

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