Getting My Pixie On | Pinspiration

Since my drastic haircut on Saturday, I've been finding outfit ideas and accessories for my new 'do. I've always pretty much been a girly girl and I love wearing dresses and pairing them with a pair of chunky boots or statement earrings. I've also noticed I might need to invest in a few stripy tops as I don't even own any in my wardrobe and I think they look pretty cute paired with a pair of jeans and a statement necklace or a red lipstick. 

I've never been prone to wear any hair accessories such as head scarves or hats but I've been scouring the web for a perfect fedora hat,  recently, as well as looking in vintage and charity shops for a few scarves. I have a few berets tucked away somewhere, so I may have to dig those out too at some point and try styling them... 

I really do like compiling inspirational images from Pinterest onto a blog post, so you might see a few more of these popping up now and again.

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