Wonderful Wednesday

I keep losing track of the days, and I'm sorry for two Wonderful Wednesday posts in a row as I just didn't have any inspiration for a post and just wanted a little break from blogging in all honesty. Nonetheless...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

♥ Watching countless film and reading a lot of books has been bliss! 

♥ Painting my nails vivid and exciting colours whilst the last of the summer weeks. I currently have the shade 'Lilac dream' by Models Own, a gorgeous colour! 

♥ I have had a lovely week being a somewhat 'only child'. However, both my brother and sister are back today which is great to finally have the family feel as a whole again. 

♥ I am certainly ready to go back to college next week and I love having the excuse to buy millions of highlighters, pens, folders. 

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