Study Planner for Windows | A Review

Being a big fan of keeping myself organised, and having everything I need all in one place, the Study Planner app for Windows is a must-have in my life for all of my college/educational needs. I was looking for another app, only to stumble upon this one and download it instantly. 

YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN TIMETABLE: Whether you like to colour-code your lessons {like myself} or you want your study periods to stand out from the crowd, devising your own timetable is a doddle. With the Study Planner app, you can go down to smallest of details, including what time your lessons start, and which teacher you have for each lesson. 

SETTING ANY HOMEWORK TASK IS EASY: Have you ever found yourself in a situation when your teacher gives you a homework task right at the end of the lesson, and you need to write it in your planner otherwise you will just forget - meaning you're the last to leave because, you had to get your planner out of your bag, a pen and physically write in the task? Me too. With the Study Planner just whip out your phone and type in the task set, and add the rest when you're out of the classroom. So quick and simple!

GET REMINDERS WHEN SOMETHING IS DUE: This bit I love on the Study Planner app as a little reminder pops up on my home screen telling me when something is due to be handed in, and even what lesson I have next for all us lazy buggers.

Today's playlist is that of Vance Joy's new album Dream Your Life Away. I have had this on repeat all week since it was released... I hope you like it! On a little side note, I'm hoping to interview the wonderful man himself sometime soon - exciting stuff!

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