Wonderful Wednesday

'Allo! A short but sweet post from me this evening. Hope this week is treating you well, and the countdown to Christmas isn't actually that far away is it with just twenty-eight days to go!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

♥ I took the photograph above on Sunday evening when the sun was setting for the day, and I'm pretty proud of this shot if I do say so myself! Reflects the end of Autumn beautifully methinks, even though it being taken quite spontaneously.

♥ Feeling super-duper chuffed with a totally unexpected B in an English Language essay, that I did quite a while back, and I only just got it back yesterday. Also, being the geek that I am, I found out that I would have been just one mark from an A from looking up the mark scheme!

♥ Keeping on top of my English Literature coursework and sticking to my schedule to have my first full drafts done before the Christmas holidays. I am also getting quite excited about starting my English Language coursework pretty soon, as well.

♥ 'The Fall' has come back for its second series and I am really liking so far... Even though the context surrounding this series is very dark, I would most definitely say it is very relevant to today's society. Again, being the nerdy person I am, and reading articles about why Jamie Dornan was actually chosen for the role of Paul Spector is really fascinating. He really is terrifying, but also draws you in at the same time {making my legs turn to jelly}. Gillian Anderson is just fabulous in it as well.

♥ Today I found out this little space right here has reached one hundred followers over on bloglovin! Thank you all so much for your heart-warming support of my blog so far, it really means a lot and I'm so grateful. 

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