Gig Review: Little Comets & Model Aeroplanes @ Fibbers, York

Little Comets w/ Model Aeroplanes at Fibbers, York on Friday 6ᵗʰ March 2015
It was freezing, when Ella, Rachel and I arrived at around 7:20 PM (bearing in mind my attire for the evening was merely a dress and denim jacket), but we were quickly let through into the building. We’re actually ‘in’ after being ID’d (this is bound to happen with myself looking about twelve) with a stamp that certifies us to be provided with alcohol.

It’s just gone half past seven. My eye suddenly catches the support band. Model Aeroplanes. casually making the way through the bar. I kind of froze and stood there in awe, then exclaimed, pointing at them "Oh my god, it’s Model Aeroplanes! It’s actually Model Aeroplanes!” only for Rachel and Ella to be none the wiser looking in disgust at the annoyingly-loud-wannabe-Royal-Blood band that were on stage (I’ll let them off as they were from Sheffield).

Model Aeroplanes entered the stage with a few “whoops” from the audience (OK, me). They lifted the spirits of the crowd with the funky and utterly cool sound of popular singles Electricity, Club Low, Innocent Love and Crazy as well as some new material. I just kept turning to Ella and Rachel mouthing “They’re so good!” whilst singing along to most of the words. I could sense strangers thinking that I was some kind of die-hard-Model-Aeroplanes-fangirl (After typing this, I'm beginning to think whether I am? Apologies MA if you're reading this... How embarrassing).

Little Comets walked effortlessly onto the stage, wasting no time with opening their session with Gift of Sound from their newly released album Hope Is Just A State Of Mind. The set was really stripped back from recent years, with their melodic riffs and often deeply political and poetic lyrics of  songs such as B&B (standing for Beer & Bingo) and Violence Out Tonight. Their set was memorising: Flowing seamlessly amongst new songs, and old, including Joanna, A Little Opus and Jennifer. What really made me smile was the raw emotion of My Boy William written about Rob's son, with the additional recording of laughter and spoken word from William and George (Mickey Coles' son) that is featured on the track in their new album.

Pausing, often momentarily, they thanked the audience as well as waited for the the sudden outburst of "Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!", being fired at them from the crowd, to die down, resulting in massive grins beaming from the trio's faces. They were, at one point, invaded by two 'Lads' who were soon chased off by security, having nearly shoved Rob off of the stage but they so eloquently managed to continue playing (this was somewhat of a déjà vu from what I can remember from their gig at Leeds Stylus, in November, when they stopped and started perfectly again One Night In October after another stage invasion).

They ended the set on real high, playing ultimate crowd-pleasers One Night In October and Dancing Song with which the audience went stir crazy! Mosh pits were created in every corner of the room, and people who had managed to keep their drinks up-right all night, would have had no chance at this point. Everyone just instantly let go, and danced (with strict instructions from Rob with "This one's for dancing").

Rushing off stage after their last song, Matt and Rob made their way to the merchandise stand, selling merchandise as well as greeting fans. As I have said before, they are so down-to-earth and a great bunch. Chatting briefly to Rob, he seemed fairly pleased with their performance that evening but I didn't want to keep him too long. With my signed shirt in hand and a skip in my step, I was besotted and in complete awe with both bands and I had thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Well done boys!

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