Wonderful Wednesday

'Ey up! How's tha doin'? (FYI: That's Yorkshire dialect for: 'Hello! How are you?'). I am so happy today! Why? It's halfway through a new week and I'm actually on top of everything and exciting things have been/and are happening...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday

♥ First, let's address last Friday: I went to see Little Comets, for the second time, live, in York, with Ella and one of our friends, Rachel (who writes a blog too). The atmosphere was buzzing and they played a mixture of songs from all three of their albums which was lovely to see. I briefly had a good natter with Rob afterwards and he very kindly signed one of my t-shirts, and even asked how Marvin (one of my cats) was (a long story). It was pretty surreal that he remembered me, to be quite honest! Model Aeroplanes were the support act, and I have to admit, I was insanely excited to see these guys perform, from having interviewed them as well, recently. They were really, really good and thoroughly enjoyed their session. Rachel managed to get a picture with them, whilst I on the other hand was a bit too shy and didn't really want to intrude. However, the day after, I tweeted them and they too recognised me?! Crazy! I really hope to see them, again if they come back to England/Yorkshire.

♥ On Saturday, I got my hair done (as you can probably tell from a recent change in my image on the sidebar). I went super short and changed my colour, which I love! I also realise it'll be nearly a year until I first donated my long locks to charity.

♥ Yesterday, I was invited to an open evening as part of one of the social media companies who I have applied to. Despite feeling extremely nervous beforehand, I found the evening to be really useful! The future is looking very exciting, indeed!

♥ I have to say a huge thank you to Tori, who has been giving me a lot of advice and sending me countless links to some of her favourite blogs for inspiration, as I have been having, let's say, an 'Identity Crisis' with regards to my blog and where it's headed. I hope to change a few things in the up-and-coming months, and she has been an absolute angel.

♥ Jake is coming home on FRIDAY! The family and I are heading off to Sheffield on Mothers Day, so if you have any suggestions of places to eat, that would be grand! Leave a comment down below, or get in touch via twitter.  

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