An Identity Crisis and New Horizons Ahead

Disposable film / View from my Bedroom

Hello friends, family, readers of this little space, I have an announcement for you all today, and it is not one that I have not taken lightly, and have given much thought into since the beginning of March.


First of all, I have been having what I call an identity crisis. "What is this," you may ask "and why should it concern me?". Well, you may (or may not) know that my current name for my blog, "Brew up Buttercup", was not the first name for this little guy as I changed it back in April 2014 from which was previously "For the Love of Thrift", which was due to a desire to change the topics I post on here. It's confusing, I know. 

Over a year down the line from the previous change, I am wanting to change again. The name I have now just doesn't feel 'me' any more and is a bugger to say out loud to people, as well as the fact that it suddenly popped into my head and I thought "Oh, that'll do!". My content is rapidly changing and I feel that my current blog's name doesn't quite fit with this constant addition of new topics.


I have always loved the idea of having my name (or something personal to myself) incorporated into my blog somehow. Thus, I have decided to become (all to be explained in the near future). This is a scary step for me to take, but I honestly feel it is for the best. I will still remain on this very blog, all will happen is a change of name (as well as some other things such as social media, but you get my drift).

Admittedly, I am absolutely terrified of this next hurdle, that I have to face. However, I hope you will all join me on this next step, and I will definitely be happier when everything is up and running, again.

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