Wonderful Wednesday

Good evening! Many apologies for being missing in action, with were 'Wonderful Wednesday' is concerned... A combination of being tired from work and totally forgetting it's Wednesday were the culprits. However, I actually remembered this week and I'm very excited for the week ahead!...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!

Retail therapy: It was pay day last Friday and I knew what I wanted to spend my hard-earned cash on: A pair of dungarees. Yup. I went straight  onto Asos knowing full-well they would have both dungarees, and the god-darn things in petite ('cause you know I'm like five feet tall). I knew I wanted either black, or a really dark denim. The rips of course were an added bonus (I like showing a bit of knee off at any given opportunity) as was my twin's ten-percent-off-thank-you-kindly student discount! These dungarees are so, so, so comfortable!

Weekend: Boy, have I got a lot to look forward to this weekend! I'm going out for drinks with work on Friday, meeting a friend on Saturday (and Marsicans too!) and going to Leeds International Beer Festival on Sunday with another friend, Sophie! Just beer, beer and even more beer!

Work: As of tomorrow, I will have been working as part of my apprenticeship for one whole month and it's absolutely flown by! Everyone at work is super-fab-amazing-lovely (all those adjectives, yes) and I love getting up every morning - There's always something different to do each day. And, and, and, I am even blogging for a living as part of my work's up-and-coming blog (I just need twenty articles for the get-go...)

I'd love to hear what has made your Wednesday wonderful in the comments!

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