An Interview with The Amazons


The Amazons (not to be confused with the greek mythological female warriors!) are a blistering, melodic rock quartet from Reading. 
Born and raised Reading locals, Matt, Joe, Elliot and Chris take the aggression of grunge and punk and splice it with melody and harmony. An infectious mix that absolutely rips your ears to shreds when you hear it live (Note To Self: Purchase earplugs!)

I caught up with the band whilst on their whistle-stop stay in Leeds before their gig at Nation of Shopkeepers on Thursday evening. Shaking my hand and very kindly offering me a drink, as I sat down, I couldn't have felt more at home and reassured! I cannot fault these guys and they were very pleasant and so down-to-earth. Feel free to have read of our chat and listen to their picks from my new Artists Picks Playlist '16 playlist - a new addition to my interviews this year!

Hey! Thank you for letting me interview you guys for my blog. How are you all doing?

Josef: We are raring to go!

Awesome! So you've just started your UK 2016 tour. Is there anywhere in particular that you're really excited to play?

Matt: Guilford, I think and Bambrough is the big one! For some reason, I'm really excited about it. I'm looking forward to Barnsley 'cause I shouldn't be looking forward to Barnsley [laughs] and, London - 

Elliot: We're doing a really good show in London! We're supporting a band called The Strypes at The Garage! 

I love your track 'Junk Food Forever'. What's your top junk food?

Matt: We all have Pizza on tour, don't we?

Elliot: There was somewhere on tour last year where we had pizza for three days straight and were just like "Oh, god!" - You just don't enjoy it after a while!

Matt: We all became vegetables [laughs] - No, vegetarians! We all became vegetarians late last year, except for Joe. We like a good vegetarian curry - that's a good shout.

Elliot: Or, we like chips as well don't we? Cheesy chips!

Have you guys tried chips and gravy, though?...

Matt: No, we haven't! That's more of a Northern thing isn't it?

Elliot: I think just standard chips and a bit of salt is good though as well, with plenty of vinegar.

The track 'Junk Food Forver' also features on your debut EP 'Do you wanna?' Can you tell me more about that? 
How was the process for the songs and production?

Matt: The EP was a total afterthought, I'm afraid! We were a bit like "It's coming towards the end of the year, now. We should probably get something out there."

Elliot: There's a lot of weird recordings on there: Something in the Water is recorded in someone's shed and we did most of the guitar's in Chris's bedroom and a couple of  the other tracks in the studio.

Matt: With a couple of the songs Ultraviolet and Millions, we did those with producer, Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice, Baby Strange) and they were awesome! And Junk Food was produced by Chris and then mixed by Catherine - She was involved in that quite a bit.

So you've worked with Catherine - Would there be anyone else you'd love to collaborate with?

Matt: I'd like to do stuff with Mark Ronson, I'd love to work with him! Tame Impala as well.

Josef: If I had the choice, I'd have Butch Vig do the drums! I've tried to find YouTube videos about how that guy got the sound for Nevermind.

Matt: I'd like to work with Marcus Drabs, he's worked with Florence on her new album, which I love! And he's worked with Arcade Fire as well on a few of their albums.

You guys have also toured with The Kooks recently. How did that come about?

Elliot: We were lucky, really. It was luck. We'd only been going for about a few months and we'd played about ten shows. We just got this offer and we were like "What the flying f**k?" Afterwards, we calmed down and we just got on with practising! Honestly, we didn't really know what to expect because we'd never been on tour before. On the first night, we were playing to about two and half thousand people!?

And, finally, if an alien race was to land on Earth and you had to explain to them who The Amazons were, how would you do that?

Elliot: We'd invite to a show for starters and say "Prepare to have your head blown off by Joe. He's the loudest drummer of all time!"

Matt: Hmmm, how would we describe ourselves?... Just rock and roll, man. There isn't too much description. Young and dumb, baby. Young and dumb... 

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