Miscellaneous Winter Favourites

Hey... I went a bit AWOL didn't I? Sorry about that, mega busy this past month. However, I have been loving a lot of things this winter and I always have time for Miscellaneous Favourites because I like writing them up and hearing what you have been loving too.

First up is my I've-been-wearing-pretty-much-every-day Asos Petite Denim Pinafore Dress (here) - It's just so comfortable, so easy to chuck on over blouses and tops (Queen of stripes over here!) and paired with my Dr Marten shoes, it's my go-to gig outfit. Plus, I feel pretty darn amazing in it (and the added bonus of those handy pockets) A total winner from Asos, again.

A novel I devoured this winter was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley which I received as a Christmas present from my brother (Thanks, Jake!) - I actually studied a snippet of Frankenstein briefly in high school and it was only now that I fell head over heels for it. To tell you the truth I probably loved it more due to not studying it further at college (Thanks, Pastoral literature Syllabus over Gothic!) I tend to read a lot on the commute to and from work and I was so gripped, I would nearly often miss my stop.

Gigs-a-plenty this season and my favourites included Daughter at Leeds Beckett Students UnionGabrielle Aplin (for the third time!) at Leeds O2 Academy and my (other) big brothers Little Comets (sold out show and third time seeing them) at The Wardrobe as well as the ever so lovely boys Lisbon at Brudenell Social Club.

Instagram has been my favourite app this season, particularly for getting my poetry out there a little bit and posting my favourite bits and pieces as well as being able to drool over all of the other accounts I follow including Tori, Sara and Olive Clothing.

More masculine smells have always been my preferred taste (I don't know why - they just have) and I was absolutely delighted when I received Deisel Masculine Cologne and I love spraying it on every now and then.

Being greeted by packages on my doorstep is always one of my favourite things! The lovely Cassy Fry (blog here) sent me some rad things from her Etsy store as a 'Thank You' for sharing her work '50 Shaded Poems' and it really is something - It left me wanting more... Plus, I have been wearing the badges (pictured) on every outfit and they are a right ice-breaker too.

A mug I have loved using (and snapping) recently has been my Jane Eyre Penguin Books mug that my Dad very kindly bought me from when we visited Leicester for the DMU open day back in January - I will admit, I had a hard time choosing between Jane Eyre and Wuther Heights but oh, boy am I tempted to spend the entirety of my student loan on these mugs when I start my course in September...

Finally, is my Sekonda Watch that has been attached to my arm since Christmas Day. I've never been one for massive pieces of jewellery, nor am the biggest fan of bling and this watch is perfect for me and I absolutely love it - Thanks, Ma and Pa. 

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