I've been dying to try out the trend of 'studs' ever since this summer but I never got the chance and now that this trend is still rolling on into A/W I thought I'd give it a go! 

I had recently seen a packet of studs in a highstreet shop for a price that I wasn't willing to pay for. So, I opted for the cheaper option and headed to one of my favourite, and local haberdashery stores in Leeds. The type of studs that I chose are great for me because, I'm well known for hurting people with the most bizarre things and spiked studs that were also on offer, If I were to choose them, would be surely the most memorable way of hurting an innocent person. 

Anyway, I chose twelve studs  to begin with (as I can always pop back and get some more) for 35p each! I was a very happy customer with my new studs in a little paper bag and was very eager to get home. I decided to spice up a jumper that was from Topshop last year to make it more updated and, what I call, 'trend friendly'.

Overall, I think the results are brilliant and I'm very impressed with these studs and I will definitely be re-purchasing!

What are your thoughts on the studs trend?

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Today I went into town with my mum to have a nosey in the shops. It was just by chance we were wandering nearby and we spotted Up Staged Vintage. We had a look in and Lorna, the owner, very kindly said I could take a few photos. The shop is on two floors, downstairs there were men's and womens' wear, upstairs they sold Dr. Marten's - all of which I wanted to buy as I love Dr. Martens, especially for winter and they are good on the ice. I especially loved their cabinet of jewellery and compacts (pictured above) which was there when you walked in and it had some amazing necklaces. I really love this little boutique, and I wil definitely be visiting again.

Follow Up Staged Vintage on their Facebook Page and have a look on their website: http://www.upstagedleeds.co.uk/

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My name is Georgia and I've had a fair few go's at blogging in the past. This blog will mostly be about fashion, beauty, books and generally things that inspire me. Welcome to "Brew up Buttercup". 

Welcome to Brew up Buttercup!

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