Today I went to the city of Nottingham to visit my brother who is at the university there. As a family we went bargain hunting in the vintage and charity shops in the city centre. We first came across an 'Oxfam' full of vintage and modern items from clothing to books and music. I thought the layout was really lovely and eye catching and I found a little something for my room too for only a quid! The manager happily let me take a few snaps and I wrote down my blog for her and I was on my way. 

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White Rose WR2
(Women's shop)  
2 Broad Street 

Next up we visited a shop called 'White Rose'. I really loved the display window as you came towards the shop I also liked the layout inside with the quirky little pieces such as the 'Temporary Bus Stop' sign which I just had to take a photo of. The shop had two floors: Upstairs there were clothes and pieces of crockery, handbags and homemade jewellery. Downstairs there were belts and more jewellery as well as wool and buttons in jars! The manager of 'White Rose' also let me take a few snaps of the shop and I wrote down my blog for her and I went to do some more bargain hunting.
I loved both of these shops and if you ever visit Nottingham I urge you to check them out!

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16-22 Goose Gate
Carlton Street

What do you think of those boutiques?

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