Its a question that's been on my mind quite a bit recently and I thought I would share 
with you a few of my opinions on this topic.

I for one am someone who isn't subscribed monthly to a magazine as I usually read a magazine in one sitting and then give it to someone else. Sometimes the content can be a little boring to read and end up flicking through advert after advert (Elle and Vogue in particular have very little content) and for what they cost it amazes me that only about one quarter of the magazine is actually articles by journalists and I'm not willing to pay five or six pounds for millions of adverts and one article (that is mostly about expensive brands such as Chanel or Marc Jacobs - no thank you).

I, like most people I interviewed, will take a lot of inspiration from blogs that I read on a daily basis for ideas such as DIY projects (Trends With Benefits especially) and fashion/style or for tips. I feel that blogs have an 'edge' that magazines don't when it comes to showing off the latest Zara handbag or a cute DIY project of your cat pumps inspired by Charlotte Olympia. I love that bloggers post a review on the newest lip shade from Revlon for absolutely ages and when it comes to magazines, they're already behind because all these bloggers snapped that chance weeks before the latest issue of any magazine could. 

The editor of Company magazine mentioned at the company style blogger awards that when they revamped the magazine they took a lot of inspiration from blogs. I've noticed they focused one of their issues heavily on bloggers although there was slight controversy on a particular article that was buzzing round twitter with quite a few people. As you can see from the statistics, eighty six percent of people I asked would read more magazines if bloggers were featured.

Do you think blogs are replacing magazines?

Are Blogs Replacing Magazines?

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