Hello all, a very soppy Wonderful Wednesday today and the last ever of such a fantastic year. As this year draws to a close, I thought I'd take the opportunity to look back on two thousand and fourteen and say a gazillion thank you's to a load of people as well as talk you through my highlights...

Wonderful Wednesday | Looking Back on 2014

Our third and final day in Dublin was spent being real tourists as we visited Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison which is now a museum. Again, with student cards coming in handy, the price for a guided tour was pretty darn cheap. The tour itself was really informative and worth-while with a tour guide who really knew his stuff. It was poignant to hear about the stories and was quite eerie to see where prisoners would have stayed, and what would have happened to them whilst in the jail. 

When in Dublin | Day Three

My second day in Dublin was very exciting indeed! I awoke at around eight o'clock to a pleasant sunrise. I whacked on some Little Comets, as they're always a good choice to wake-up to on a morning, and did my usual routine and got dressed for breakfast. 

When in Dublin | Day Two

We arrived in a bright and crisp Dublin at approximately eight a.m. It was bitterly cold with a slight breeze but I was excited to hop on the coach into the city centre... After checking-in at Cassidy's hotel we dropped off our luggage and headed for the city centre for some much-needed breakfast, tea and coffee.

When in Dublin | Day One

apologies for shocking quality but a throwback to disney world. can you guess who's who?

'Alloooooo! Hope you're all well, and apologies for a very late post as I've been pretty busy today. As you can probably tell from the title, Ella and I are celebrating the big one eight today! I will admit, I feel pretty darn scared that I am officially an adult now, but I am excited to see what this next year brings...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday | The Big One Eight!

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I stumbled across Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago when researching into an article as a contributor for Raggs & Rattle. I instantly fell in love with the absolutely stunning array of items and home décor (and you all know me and my love for interior design, no?). 

Pinspiration | Anthropologie Home Picks

| a big thank you to ella for taking these images with me in the freezing cold yesterday |

I received the sweetest invitation from ever so gorgeous and talented lady Tori, who writes over at tori's tales, to join her in doing the 'a tour through blogland' tag. Below are my answers, and stay tuned at the end to see who I have invited to do the tag, next... I am hoping this little snippet will help you, my readers get to know me, and this space, a bit more so without further ado, on with the questions...

A Tour Through Blogland

| the last of the sunset | taken this evening 5:48 pm | 

I seem to be writing more of these posts on an evening which I quite like, so I'm considering changing my usual eight a.m. slot to about six p.m. and I hope you don't mind. I think It will actually give me time to reflect on the Wednesday itself as well, as they aren't too bad: a twelve o'clock start at college, with only three lessons, and I am usually home by about half past four, depending on whether I can catch the quicker bus home from town.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

You all seemed to really like my last miscellaneous favourites post, so I thought I would carry on the tradition with my favourites from the months of Autumn. I hope you like it...

Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites

'Allo! A short but sweet post from me this evening. Hope this week is treating you well, and the countdown to Christmas isn't actually that far away is it with just twenty-eight days to go!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Another interview for you all! I've known Jack for years and years with both of our brothers being best friends. With the success of my little comets interview, I thought  I would take the opportunity to interview Jack too! I hope you all like it...

An Interview with Jack Haining

Good evening everyone! I hope you're all well, and that this week has been a-okay so far. This week so far has been quieter than most, although it being quite hectic with deadlines to be met but, hey, c'est la vie.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Every person I know seems to be getting stressed about their personal statements, but on the other hand getting exciting offers from the universities of their choice! This is whereas I am getting really, really stressed and fed up my English coursework already, whilst saying to people 'Oh, I'm not applying to university this year' when asked 'So, how's your personal statement going?'. I feel a bit out of the loop hole with where the idea of university is concerned, in my life at the moment. Sure, it could be a fantastic experience and I'm sure I'd love it, but for the job role I would love to eventually go into, I am not sure whether university would actually be the right choice for me (at the moment anyway).

Also, my career plans have changed quite drastically since deciding this. Admittedly, I had this big idea that magically three A grades would appear from nowhere. I must have been deluded to think I would end up at the university of my dreams, possibly studying an English degree, to then somehow become a Journalist. However, my AS grades gave me a huge wake-up call, and in all honesty, I'm really thankful for myself essentially buggering my other three subjects (this sounds weird, I know, but bear with me on this).

So, what's the plan? Well, I've been looking into apprenticeships in Social Media, particularly with the company 3AAA. I was recently invited to an interview, after applying online. When coming out of the the interview, I thought to myself 'This is what I want to do! I can actually see myself working in social media'. The dream of actually being able to blog for a living became a possibility as well, after discussing where I could see myself in about five years time. It seems all really far away now, but with the dedication that I have, and with the strong desire to achieve such a dream, I know that one day I could possibly be in a job that doesn't seem like a chore. In fact, probably most days I would actually want to get out of bed for work.

I know, I'm always really soppy about my blog and have even been reduced to (happy) tears. But it's true what they say: Blogging opens a lot of doors for you and 'when one door closes, another door opens'. This is extremely true in my case, and like I have said before, I couldn't be more grateful for the absolutely eye-opening and just surreal opportunities and support I've had since starting my blog: I've learnt more skills; my confidence has rocketed; and most of all, I am happy. I would even go as far to say that I actually feel appreciated by a group of people, and honestly couldn't ask for a better group of friends from something that is just a hobby!

I'm not even sure if anyone got this far, but that's enough mushiness from me, as I might actually cry again, and I look real ugly when I cry. Anyway, in a nutshell: University isn't the be-all and end-all, and I couldn't be more happy with life at the moment. There are other opportunities you know...

Thanks and I love y'all. X

On Not Going to University | A Bit of an Update

quotation from designlovefest

Good evening! Hope this week is treating you well so far. I had the loveliest end to last week with (as you all know) interviewing Little Comets on Friday evening and attending their gig afterwards, which was in all honesty, one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Ella and I really enjoyed the evening...

What has been wonderful Wednesday...

♥ Feeling a bit teary-eyed on Saturday evening, and I was completely overwhelmed. Friday had felt so surreal, I just couldn't believe it had happened. I honestly feel so, so grateful for all your support. It got to the point that when Ella and Tori tweeted me, I started to cry and cry and cry (all extremely happy tears). Then to make Saturday even more surreal, I felt like I was on a constant high or that I had taken some kind of drug, I was literally having a party all to myself at around two a.m. #lovinlife

♥ Waking up on Sunday morning to about twenty emails from Bloglovin' to say 'Gary {my dad} has liked your post'. Seriously, Dad you didn't have to like all of my posts ha! He'll probably like this actually when published. I'd even go as far as to say he's my biggest fan, as he has the bloglovin' app...

♥ On Monday, at about three o'clock in the morning, Ella left for Denmark for THREE weeks! I'm feeling a little bit lonely, but thankfully I have Otis and Marvin to cheer myself up and Jake has been added to my speed dial. If I can't talk to one sibling, I will force my other one to talk to me endlessly about stuff. Plus, my parents are always a good laugh. 

♥ Everything feels a bit of a blur at the moment and like everything is spinning and things are constantly happening/popping up in my life. I had an interview today, for an apprenticeship which I was pretty nervous for but thankfully it went a-okay! I feel the quotation above really speaks volumes for me at the moment with having such great opportunities because, I got off my arse and did something, with the little comets interview being a prime example. 

What has made your Wednesday wonderful?

Wonderful Wednesday

Rob, myself, Mickey and Matt. Fabulous photography skills by Ella. 
It was on Friday evening when I met up with 'Little Comets' before their gig at Leeds University student union. I have to admit, I had been absolutely terrified all week, not because they are scary, but because I had had so many scenarios in my head how this would turn out! Thankfully, when it came to the actual interview, it was reassuring to know how genuinely down-to-earth they all were.

Matt walked in casually with a box of Hero chocolates, said a very cheerful 'Hello', whilst kindly offering us one, followed by Mickey and Rob both with soup (and a carton of apple  and raspberry juice). Invited into a booth, we got chatting about my blog a little bit. With myself calming down a little bit and the shock of being just a few centimetres away from my favourite band kind of fading away, I told them 'This is my first time, ever recording an interview, so I hope this [referring to the recorder app I had downloaded] works!'... I really do hope you enjoy this interview and I will admit, I couldn't be more happy how it's turned out and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

An Interview with Little Comets

original image source / edited by me
Gooooooood morning! This week has been pretty spectacular so far, and I'm really, really excited for Friday (uh ma god two more days!!!). It's Bonfire night (most hated night in the world in the Shipley household - especially for Otis) so you shan't be seeing any instagram snaps from me at a firework display. Anyhoooo...

...What has been Wonderful this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

all images can be found here

Bear with me on this, I know what you're all thinking either a) I'm trying to grow a beard myself, and if so, then there's moving onto b) I'm really a man. Then you all have the 'omg-how-creepy-unfollow's-straight-away-this-is-just-too-outta-contol' moment or option c) I am super picky about what guy I is looking for and rules out anyone without a beard. I'll tell you a secret, it's kind of option c, but I'm having a 'moment', shall we say, with were beards and guys are concerned... I just think guys look über cool (and quite sexy?). Basically I'm obsessed with bearded men right now.

I think it's Jamie Dornan and Ricki Hall *serious drooling going on right now* that started this fangirling so, you can blame them. Apologies for all non-beard lovers of the world who just found this blog post really stupid or pointless to read. Thanks again, Pinterest, you really do bring out the weirdo inside of me...

today's playlist, you guessed it little comets aaaaaall the way. just call me slightly obsessed:

Pinspiration | I love Beards!

Hello, here we are another très late Wonderful Wednesday post. I've really not been feeling into the blogging spirit at the moment, being more focused on trying to get as much coursework done as humanely possible and I've sort of fallen out of love with it for the time being? I dunno, anyway...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday:

♥ Pinterest has really cheered me up this week with finding inspirational quotations, pinning my future dream home and getting into the winter spirits. It's also been giving me a lot of ideas for my tattoo, that I might be getting, but I'm not giving too much away just yet...

♥ Little Comets on repeat on spotify have really made my week. I also loved cover your rain (acoustic) on youtube. The guys are seriously so cool, and I've had a little natter with them on twitter a couple times. I received some of the most exciting news ever, on Monday evening, all to be revealed soon... 

♥ The Wolf of Wall Street had me howling with laughter on Saturday night. Leonardo DiCaprio is exceptional and it really baffles me how he hasn't won an oscar? Definitely his best performance to date in any of his films I have seen. A must-see!

♥ I visited the little town of Skipton, near my hometown yesterday. for a little wander whilst Ella's boyfriends was staying over for a few days. I had the loveliest steak and ale pie, with chips and I managed to find 'The Complete Works of Shakespeare' for bloody one pound, and fifty pence - Bargain! 

Wonderful Wednesday

all images courtesy of bamblevintage

Hello all, today I have a wee post about a really cool vintage shop 'BambleVintage' over on Etsy here. I was contacted by the oh-so lovely owner of 'BambleVintage' Sophie, who said she that my blog was one of her favourites, which made me really quite humbled! 

BambleVintage has an array of items from blouses, dresses, skirts and handbags as well as menswear also. I think the prices of the items aren't overpriced at all and for such a great quality stock. The shop has been running for just over a year and a half and has lots of items for sale. Above, I've put together a collage of my favourite items from BambleVintage!

The owner of BambleVintage, Soph, has very kindly create a discount code 'BREWUPBUTTERCUP' that entitles you to 15% off any item over £10 at BambleVintage that is valid until 23rd November 2014, so if you seen anything you like, you can snap it up with this extremely sweet gift for you lot. Simply enter the code at the checkout and hey presto! 

Soph is very kindly sending me a little package* also, that should be arriving soon, which I am très excited about and is a total surprise!

*the package I am receiving from BambleVintage does not affect my views and opinions - they are always 100% honest.

Introducing | BambleVintage

It was quite a while back when I stumbled up the Village book store when I met up with Ciara, and it was bloomin' sods law that I hadn't brought my camera with me that day. So, I vowed I would visit again and take some photographs because, I pretty much fell in love with the shop. 

Village is situated in one of my favourite buildings/shopping centres in Leeds - the Corn Exchange {first floor up}. The shop has quite a 'rustic' feel to it, and has some awesome books and magazines inside including Kinfolk and Frankie *drools*. I loved the cacti and plants dotted around {who doesn't?} and thought the layout of the shop was really fresh, and gave you freedom to wander carelessly round the little space. With two big leather sofas, it's inviting and gives quite a homely approach to a bookshop unlike others I have visited {although I must urge you it's not a library}.

I couldn't not leave without buying book two of Violet for just six pounds with amazing content inside, and Alexa Chung as the front cover {more on this in another post}. With my photographs shot, and magazine in hand, I strode away from Village feeling really inspired and a very happy customer. Thanks again for letting me take a few snaps and I will definitely be visiting again soon!

Wanderings | The Village Bookstore

images can be found here
Afternoon! As winter is fast approaching, and Autumn already in full swing, I thought it'd be a perfect time to post a wee bit of 'pinspiration' as I am hoping to take up a new hobby. As you can probably tell from the title, and the images above, that is knitting and crocheting. Having always been deemed quite 'creative' (other people's words, not mine), and having always wanted to take up this hobby I thought 'what the heck' and have added quite a few knitting and crocheting books {for beginners, I might add} to my birthday and christmas wishlist. From doing quite a bit of research, knitting and crocheting is meant to be quite therapeutic and calming, so I am hoping it might help me de-stress if ever I am overwhelmed by essays, or whatever. 

I hope you liked today's pins, as I really do love finding inspiring images and putting them together in a collage. Maybe one day, I might be able to make something as funky as some of the projects above #dreambig...

Pinspiration | Knitting & Crocheting

'Ey up! Oh god, how I have missed updating you weekly with my Wonderful Wednesday posts. I stopped doing them for quite a while, partly because a) my life hasn't be quite that exciting lately and b) my blog would get really, really repetitive with having one of these posts one after the other {and no one likes a blog post repeater. I joke}. So on with my update... 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday {It felt so good to type these words again}...
♥ Can I just address the gorgeous specimen that is James Norton please? I was drooling when watching the new itv drama Granchester on Monday night. Seriously though, he's soooo beautiful. 

♥ Finally being able to wear my new winter coat this week has been oh-so delightful. Even with the wind, and rain battering me, it makes me feel all cosy and warm with an extremely fluffy lining. M&S, you are truly a lifesaver. 

♥ Saturday couldn't come any sooner as I'm heading down to Nottingham with my family to visit my brother. Also I'm meeting up with the ever so lovely lady that is Tori from Tori's Tales for a wee bit of tea and cake which sounds just heavenly {so much fangirling!!}. 

♥ Autumn is most definitely getting into the swing of things and I get so excited by the sights of conkers and so on. I managed to witness two squirrels fighting over something on the way to the bus stop the other day as well. Let's just say one of them got b*tch slapped, literally. 

♥ Having Vance Joy's album 'Dream your life away' on repeat for weeks, and weeks have made commutes to college, and studying in the library much more enjoyable. I. just. cannot. stop. listening. to. it. I think I might have a problem... #SendHelp!

♥ Another musical genius who I have recently found is that of the very talented Matt Corby {also Australian, like Vance}. I stumbled upon Matt whilst on Spotify, and his singles 'Brother' and 'Resolution' had me hooked. 

{A Very Overdue} Wonderful Wednesday

images from weheartit and pinterest

Good morning everyone! A wee post today as I am celebrating a wee achievement and that is that my blog is two years old!! It's been an absolutely wonderful two years so far and I can't wait to celebrate many more years to come... 

Celebrations | My Blog is Two!

Dear all who read this blog, 

Today, I am talking about a subject I feel strongly about, but I have never felt to discuss before on my blog. This, my friends is Feminism. I urge you to please not click the red 'x' at the top right-hand corner of your screen, but to read this open letter, even it is just a snippet.

I know the concept of 'Feminism' can seem daunting to some people, possibly because it is often portrayed negatively, or simply because not enough people know what it is, or there is some kind of stigma attached to it. I am just one small person out of approximately seven billion, who inhabit this universe we call home, and I know that this open letter will probably just be a drop in the ocean compared to what others can do to make a difference.

The actual definition of Feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. I know that in the United Kingdom, we have made it as part of the law that both genders should be treated equally with the Gender Equality Act and so on.

However, in other countries around the world, most women and girls aren't so lucky and are forced into marriages at a young age, they have no education, and they are not considered as 'free' nor are they considered the same as men. This needs to change and that is why I am backing the HeforShe campaign.

Admittedly, it was Emma Watson's speech at The UN that prompted me to write this open letter and I was pretty much moved to tears after watching it several times. The words that truly inspired me where those she said right at the very end of her speech If not me, who? If not now, when?

An Open Letter on Feminism

Being a big fan of keeping myself organised, and having everything I need all in one place, the Study Planner app for Windows is a must-have in my life for all of my college/educational needs. I was looking for another app, only to stumble upon this one and download it instantly. 

YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN TIMETABLE: Whether you like to colour-code your lessons {like myself} or you want your study periods to stand out from the crowd, devising your own timetable is a doddle. With the Study Planner app, you can go down to smallest of details, including what time your lessons start, and which teacher you have for each lesson. 

SETTING ANY HOMEWORK TASK IS EASY: Have you ever found yourself in a situation when your teacher gives you a homework task right at the end of the lesson, and you need to write it in your planner otherwise you will just forget - meaning you're the last to leave because, you had to get your planner out of your bag, a pen and physically write in the task? Me too. With the Study Planner just whip out your phone and type in the task set, and add the rest when you're out of the classroom. So quick and simple!

GET REMINDERS WHEN SOMETHING IS DUE: This bit I love on the Study Planner app as a little reminder pops up on my home screen telling me when something is due to be handed in, and even what lesson I have next for all us lazy buggers.

Today's playlist is that of Vance Joy's new album Dream Your Life Away. I have had this on repeat all week since it was released... I hope you like it! On a little side note, I'm hoping to interview the wonderful man himself sometime soon - exciting stuff!

Study Planner for Windows | A Review

Sometimes, we all just need a little relaxation. A time to escape away from it all, and not to worry about the piles of work we are yet to complete {unless, that's just me...}. As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love curling up with a good book to get stuck into, some music blaring out, and a cuppa to let all my worries wash away. I am having a bit of a lazy Sunday since I worked for quite a few hours in my college library on Friday, even though I could've easily gone home. What a better excuse to get some writing done, and just have a day off? Below is a spotify playlist of my favourite songs at the moment. I hope you like it!

P.S. Thoughts on these spotify playlists as a regular Sunday kinda thang? Let me know in the comments!

Escaping Away from it All . . .

Quite a while back, I was contacted by Hayley's manager asking If I would like to feature her on my blog. I have always been a massive fan of Hayley so it felt pretty surreal having the chance to interview her! So, without further ado, here are a few questions from the lovely lady herself. I hope you like it... 

1. Have you always had an interest in music from an early age? I've always loved writing and singing but I didn't really consider putting the two together until I was a teenager. Navigating your teen years can be a tricky thing, during that time I would turn to music to feel a little more understood. It was then that I realized songwriting would be a wonderful way to share my stories and hopefully give people something to relate to, a shoulder to cry on, a little escape that could make them feel less alone.

2. How would you describe your sound? Honest, raw, and vulnerable.

3. Would you say there are influences? Growing up, my mom listened to a lot of Sarah McLachlan which I think may have influenced my sound a little bit. I would say I'm most influenced by lyricists as I love to tell stories in my songs.

4. When writing songs, do you tend to write more about personal experiences more than anything else? I definitely tend to write the most about personal experiences. Music has allowed me to make sense of situations I can't seem to make sense of by any other means. I love writing in retrospect so my songs often have a nostalgic-feel and involve recalling cherished memories.

5. What's next for you? Any up-and-coming gigs or tours? Do you have any goals for yourself this next year? I'm hoping to get into the studio soon to record a few songs that I've been wanting to share for awhile. Next year I plan to continue sharing my music and play more shows! I'm hoping to play a few in the U.K. next summer which I absolutely cannot wait for!

A Q&A with . . . Hayley Solano

Hi m'loves, I am just writing a really quick post to say that I am taking a bit of a backseat from blogging for the time being, so you shan't be seeing as much content from me, as you are used to.

This, in no way shape or form means I am giving up or quitting. I'm taking a break because, of college and work is already piling up and on top of that I'm trying to take a break from technology for a little while to get into a routine and stop procrastination etc.

I'm not quite sure when I will be back, but for now you might not see me around as much as I'm pretty much locking myself away in my brother's room or the library for a good few weeks as coursework deadlines are looming already, as well as other bits and pieces. I feel I should apologise but in all honesty, work comes before hobbies, so if this is what it takes, then I am going to have to make that sacrifice. 

So, I guess this is goodbye... for now?

Taking a Backseat from Blogging . . .

Hello! A bit of a spontaneous post this week, as I already have mountains of work to do from college today {the joys of A2's}. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...
♥ I realised {at about six o'clock this morning} that exactly one month today, it will be my blog's second birthday! I'm not joking either when I say I am going to have a birthday party. 

♥ Having another post published over at Raggs & Rattle was rather exciting this week. I should have another post up this friday, so keep a look out on my twitter for links, or feel free to click the image over on the side bar... P.S. You can see my latest article right here...

♥ Finally getting back into the swing of things, as to regards to college, and working etc. It just feels nice to be actually getting up for something on a morning. Also, I couldn't be happier with my timetable this year - So many frees study periods! 

♥ Thank you all so much for such great feedback on my few tips on freelancing, that was published on Sunday. It was great to hear that some people found the post really helpful, even for blogging! 

♥ Really chuffed to bits that all of my favourite series are starting soon. September is most definitely one of  my favourite months to watch television. When Downton Abbey comes back on, my life will be complete. 

Wonderful Wednesday

ORGANISATION IS KEY I have to meet a lot of deadlines with writing quite a few editorials to be published. This is where my diary comes in, planning when I am going to write and then reminding myself the due date of that specific article. I like to use colour-coding in my diary so I can keep up with daily tasks, as well as freelancing work (I have mentioned this before when talking about staying organised with blogging).

• TAKE YOUR TIME I will usually dedicate an afternoon to writing up articles. Possibly set a few hours outside of your day to sit down, get in the writing zone. Don't overload it though: I would say try writing for about fifteen minutes, and then take regular breaks in between. I always fuel up with a cuppa or have a bottle of water beside me.

• GET TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE WRITING FOR This is the best way to get to know how you should approach your articles and, how is the best way to engage your audience, as well as the editors themselves. Take a look at previous articles written by other authors, and get to know the brand itself.

• KNOW HOW YOU WORK BEST I am always seen in my pyjamas when writing, and comfort is key, for myself anyway. Find out how you work best, whether it is at a desk; in bed; or even at your favourite coffee shop. Do you work best in silence or, a little bit of music playing in the background? Possibly take a break from your computer, and write your articles down in a notebook, and copy them out a later date. Take these things into consideration to avoid procrastination.

• DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED Sometimes, you might not get published and that is totally okay! Don't let that stop you from asking for feedback on your submission, from the editor, for any improvements and if they can give you any tips for future articles. Practice, practice, practice!

• IT WILL BE A LOT OF HARD WORK If you don't already know this from blogging, freelancing is a lot of hard work and be prepared for sweat and tears my friends. Thinking of original content; sourcing images, and on top of that,  hoping and praying they will love your work. However, freelancing is a lot of fun so, please don't let that put you off at all. Your passion for writing will certainly strive, and it will show in your articles.

• IT IS FINE TO TAKE A LITTLE INSPIRATION just don't completely copy someone's work as it is most likely you will get caught. Read magazines, popular articles on websites, your favourite blogs. Inspiration can take any shape or form, you just to know where is the right place to look.

I really hope these tips gave you a bit of inspiration to possibly go into the world of freelancing! 

A Few Tips on Freelancing

Thundery downpours, that graced us later on this summer, after the glorious sunshine, gave me a chance to curl up with a good book. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood were my top reads and, both bargain prices, for just 99p each, from my local charity shops. They are both very gripping, and I just couldn't put them down!

I have to admit, I bought the Batonics Organic Facial Oil on a whim when browsing in Boots. I absolutely loved this product, and after the first use and I could most certainly tell a difference with the dry patches on my face and a few of my other blemishes had reduced instantly. I apply a few droplets to my face and neck on a night time, as It does tend to be on the oilier side. Nevertheless, will most definitely consider repurchasing this product.

My staple nail polish for this season has been the very cheap and cheerful shade Amaretto Crush by MUA for just one british pound! I have always been a huge fan of this particular makeup brand but never thought to try any of their nail polishes. This is a gorgeous colour and one coat is most certainly enough.

The earrings above were too pretty to pass from Accessorize back in June and I have been wearing them none-stop all throughout Summer. I absolutely love the shade of blue of the gem and with the simplicity of them, they compliment almost every outfit.

The scent I have been using relentlessly is Sunflower which was a hand-me-down from my Nana, and then from my Mum to me. It's not too heavy and only a few spritz of the stuff is enough for the fresh, earthy aroma to come through.

Lastly, this pencil case was a bloomin' good bargain from eBay and if you know me, I get just a little bit too excited about stationery and all the Back to School stuff. I mean, come on, stripes and cats on one pencil case is a winner for me! 

Miscellaneous Summer Favourites

I keep losing track of the days, and I'm sorry for two Wonderful Wednesday posts in a row as I just didn't have any inspiration for a post and just wanted a little break from blogging in all honesty. Nonetheless...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

♥ Watching countless film and reading a lot of books has been bliss! 

♥ Painting my nails vivid and exciting colours whilst the last of the summer weeks. I currently have the shade 'Lilac dream' by Models Own, a gorgeous colour! 

♥ I have had a lovely week being a somewhat 'only child'. However, both my brother and sister are back today which is great to finally have the family feel as a whole again. 

♥ I am certainly ready to go back to college next week and I love having the excuse to buy millions of highlighters, pens, folders. 

Wonderful Wednesday

Good afternoon! Time flies when you're having fun and I completely forgot today was, of all days, Wednesday! This last week has been exciting to say the least with having an impromptu new arrival to the Shipley family and other shenanigans...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...
♥ As you can see from the image above, we have a new member of the family! Marvin was an unexpected arrival on Saturday evening and we have all fallen in love with him! Otis is still adjusting to his new brother but they are making progress already.

♥ I have written an article for online magazine/website Raggs & Rattle which was published yesterday. You can have a read of my vintage tips and tricks right here. I am hoping to post twice per month, so keep an eye out for more posts from me!

♥ Having a good old clear out of all my college work from lower sixth this afternoon. It felt such a relief to finally say 'Goodbye' Sociology! 

Wonderful Wednesday

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On Thursday it was the most dreaded day for A Level students. Results Day. I had never felt so disappointed in myself as I ended up not doing so well in the two subjects that I am planning to carry on with next year. Although they were technically passes, in terms of grades at AS Level, they weren't what I hoped for. I did do well in English Language passing with a B overall and, achieving my first ever A grade, throughout my entire academic career so far, in my language coursework, which I worked bloody hard on.

My dreams of achieving BBB, and studying English at a University, were crushed in a matter of seconds and I rang my parents in floods of tears. Thankfully, they are supportive of what I have achieved, to say that I really did struggle with my exams and I didn't do the best in the majority of my overall results. My mum and dad have always said to me,  everything happens for a reason and I think these grades have given me a bit of a wakeup call about my work ethic or clearly I am inconsistent when it comes to performing in exams.

Thankfully my older brother knocked some sense into me and we came up with a Plan B to not apply to university this year and, after I find out my overall A Level results, then to take a gap year instead, try find a job and/or get some work experience. I like the sound of this plan, and it sounds like a big adventure to be had, something that might mean I end up having an epiphany of some sort and that I don't want to go to university at all. I will, though, still keep the idea of university in the back of my mind but I think it will be refreshing to take a break from examinations and studying.

If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again.

If at first you don't succeed, then It's OK to have a Plan B.

Yesterday, the world heard the tragic news of the death of actor/comedian Robin Williams who was well known for the likes of Mrs Doubtfire and The Dead Poets Society. I thought I would simply commemorate the works of this wonderful man and say goodbye to one of my favourite actors. 

I have to admit, I cried for about half an hour after seeing the headline on This Morning, yesterday and rang my mum to see if she had heard the news. I ended up crying some more when watching The Dead Poets Society {O Captain! My Captain!}.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. 

Wonderful Wednesday | Celebrating Robin Williams

Another Sunday Sounds for you, as I have done a playlist previously on here which I shared when revising for my exams {you can take a look here}. I have compiled a bit of a mixture of sounds from few upbeat sounds to some of my old favourites that I have rekindled and some that are secretly my guilty pleasures {shhh!}. Let me know of your thoughts on any of the songs or artists... Enjoy! 

Heart of Glass by Blondie
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush 
 Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
Riptide by Vance Joy / Also the FlicFlac Edit 
Lungs {The Album} by Florence + the Machine 

Playlist | Summer

All images from my pinterest board here

Pixie cuts don't have to be boring, not if you add a vintage headband or a gorgeous flower to accompany your outfit. Above I have sourced a few images from the wonderland of Pinterest {where else?} and I especially love Emma Watson's accessories! I have a post on how I style my pixie cut featuring a few headbands and clips that I style my hair with regularly which you can see here.

Which is your favourite accessory?

Getting My Pixie On | Pretty Pixies

Hellooooooooooooo! This week has flown by and it's only bloomin' Wednesday. Where is August going?! This week has been quite lazy, laid back {like all of my others this summer} but exciting also...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!
♥ It was my parents' anniversary on Monday and we celebrated as a family with a gorgeous evening meal.

♥ Pyjamas days are the best. I have loved watching films and YouTube videos in bed as well as doing a lot of blogging and writing.

♥ I think I am in love with my new pixie do and I have never felt so confident within myself. It's so hassle free on a morning with a quick spritz of a de-frizz product, a whoosh of the hairdryer and straightening the top sections is a doddle.

♥ I am meeting up with a friend from college today for a little mooch around town, which'll be lovely to see her,  and I am on the hunt for striped tees as I am having a little phase me thinks {I will keep you posted on this one, depending on how many I buy - haha}. 

Wonderful Wednesday

I thought I would share with you my blogging tool kit as it is something I have rarely seen on many blogs, and something that might be a little helpful for those perhaps starting out, or as a rough guide to what I use for blogging on a daily basis.

MY BLOGGING JOURNAL is a must-have for me for when jotting down all of my post ideas and it's easily small enough for my handbag if I have a eureka moment on the go. My notebook was a gift but in all honesty, any notebook or journal will do, it doesn't have to be très fancy at all.

My LAPTOP is upon where the magic happens and I will spend hours blogging, researching, editing and gathering images together for posts. My laptop is brand spanking new with windows eight so blogging is accessible with apps just a click away and replying to emails is a doddle. I'm thinking of investing in a laptop sleeve/bag for if I ever blog on the go in a generic blogger way {a la starbucks, no?}.

MY COMPACT CAMERA is good enough for me and I have had it for donkey's years. From having great feedback on posts in which photographs where taken on this little guy, I have realised you don't have to invest in a Cannon D500 or whatever fancy pants camera some bloggers use. Again, like my journal, it is easily small enough to fit inside any handbag for when taking snaps on the go.

MY IPAD MINI is the greatest gadget for when my laptop is taking a rest. All of my social media apps are on there which I use to share my posts and everything else, such as twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and all the rest. I will often take my blogging notes on my iPad just in case I forget my journal at any time and I can quickly reply to emails as well.

I really hope you liked this little post and that it gave you an insight into my bloggers tool kit. If you ever want to do a little post like this, or have one of your own, please feel free to comment below links to your blog posts!

What is in your Blogging tool kit? 

My Blogging Tool Kit

Just a really quick and impromptu post to show you a few pictures of my new 'do. I went shorter than my original pixie back in April and this was inspired by the gorgeous Mia Farrow. I am super duper chuffed with it and It'll take a little getting used to but I have never been so happy with my hair before!  I can't wait to get styling it with all sorts of different styles and accessories so watch this space folks! 

{P.S. Totally nothing to do with this post but I am obsessed with this mix of Riptide by Vance Joy}

A Rather Impromptu Post | I went even Shorter!

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