Good evening! Here we are again with another Wonderful Wednesday post. This week so far has had it's ups and downs with a few of my mock results but I don't wish to bore you all with that and this is supposed to be an positive and optimistic series!

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
 I was very kindly featured on Charlotte's blog  on Saturday which felt such an hounour! You should definitely check out the two other blog featured as well. Thank you very Charlotte for featuring me!
 I got the chance to interview singer/songwriter Natalie Holmes on Monday which was a great experience.
 I received the most kindest and sweetest letter from Jessica on Monday! I have to admit, it made me a little teary but I chuckled a lot too! Expect a reply soon m'love.
 As of tomorrow, I never have to think about my English Literature coursework ever again! Good riddance to Twelfth Night and Shakespeare (yipee!).
♥ I love how the days are gradually becoming longer and it's not pitch back when I come home from college.

Wonderful Wednesday

Sorry for the extremely unflattering images, that's just how un-photogenic I am and how I look on a daily basis... 

I just felt the sudden urge to write this post this morning as I woke up at the ungodly hour of seven o'clock to get the last two pieces of my homework finished for college on Monday.

This week, I was absolutely sick to death of my hair and was seriously considering chopping it all off into a pixie cut inspired by the likes of Twiggy, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham. However, I chickened out and I wish I hadn't as I bloody hate my mop of frizzy mess that just sits there and does absolutely nothing. Although, today it has actually turned out quite curly...  

Onto a brighter note, I have been relentlessly contacting magazines and editors to request work experience but I have had no luck as of yet. However, I was very kindly offered a chance to be PUBLISHED IN A MAGAZINE (free but who cares?!) as, one of the editors who emailed me back said, I quote, "Congratulations on the blog - looks great and reads very well, you've obviously got the skills to embark on a career in journalism." This absolutely made my evening when I read it on Thursday and couldn't believe it! I've still had no luck yet regards to work experience but being published, I suppose, is in a way, work experience, right?

I'm actually supposed to be on a spending ban, but I caved and bought (another) smock dress from a vintage shop, Blue Rinse,  in Leeds, and it is the exact dupe of this beauty from topshop. I feel like I should quoting Dorothy Gale "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." and that I should be singing "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ!". 

So, that is me at the moment! Expect another Wonderful Wednesday post up this week right here! 

(Not) Getting the Chop, Being Published & Dresses

This week has gone so quickly, I couldn't even believe  that there was another 'Wonderful Wednesday' post to be written this week! I've been pretty busy these last few weeks with mocks and then having a weekend away, and the weather hasn't been that great so sorry for the not so cheerful photograph for this weeks post, but It captured the weather at it's best and I think it looks pretty.

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
 I had the best weekend away in Nottingham and I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for a great time Jake, Hannah and Ellie! I'm missing you all already!
 I have recently been look at universities which is super exciting!
 Tomorrow, I am meeting one of my oldest friends for a huge catch up and it will be so lovely to see her.
 My piercings have finally healed! I'm hoping to get the very glitzy studs changed to simple hoops.
 On Valentines day, I was very kindly featured in Jessica's post and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after reading the little snippet! Thank you Jess, I love you dearly.

Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to a new weekly lifestyle series 'Wonderful Wednesday' inspired by my New Years Resolution for this year to be more optimistic and I thought these weekly posts would be a great way to tell you what has been wonderful each and every Wednesday.

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
♥ My mocks have officially finished as of today!
 I am excited to be going to Nottingham on Friday!
 I never have to think about English Language Coursework ever again!
 The fact that there is now an #lbloggers chat on a Wednesday just made my weeks brighter.
 I have a new obsession with GIRLS and I watched the whole of series one and two last weekend.

Wonderful Wednesday

'The White Queen' by Philippa Gregory Buy the full series here 
I remember drooling over Max Irons in the BBC adaptation of 'The White Queen' back in August and I never wanted it to end. It was well scripted and I couldn't take my eyes off the hairstyles and ended up trying to recreate a few of them myself. I have only just started reading the first out of four books in the series and It's bloody good! My copy was second hand from a family friend but you can buy the full series above from Amazon or even have a cheeky look in your local charity shops or the library!

Blogsphere Magazine / Buy the magazines here 
I was intrigued by this magazine when I read Lisette's post in which she featured this magazine. I really liked the look of it and at at a thrifty price of just four pounds, I couldn't say no. I got the bundle pack of both recent issues for just under nine pounds with free and next day delivery (next day only if you order by 3PM). I've re-read both issues several times and I love how clean and simple it is, and it is definitely unlike most magazines which are usually cluttered with pages and pages of adverts and so little content. This magazine is most certainly quirky and attention grabbing. I can't wait for issue three and I will definitely be subscribing.

Recently Reading | Books on Queens & Magazines

I've always loved Haworth ever since my first visit. However, it always seems to rain whenever I go as I got absolutely soaking wet through yesterday! I hope you like this little snippet of the cobbles and the scrumptious cake above as well as a few vintage bits and pieces too. I've always dreamt of living in the tiny village as I absolutely love the history of the Bronte sisters and I think Haworth is the sweetest and most idyllic little spot to have a tiny place that I could call 'home' one day. Sorry, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic...

Photo Diary | A Winters Day in Haworth

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