Good evening all you lovely lot! This week has gone by quite quickly and exams are drawing nearer and I'm actually enjoying revision (that will be explained just about now)...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ "What?!" I hear you cry, "You're enjoying revision?!". I am indeed, all thanks to my investment in the Stabilo Fineliners from Wilkinsons last Friday (and other bits and pieces). They make everything so bright and colourful and the best thing is, they actually make me want to do revision.
♥ Squealing at the TV whilst watching 'The Widower' on itv on a Monday evenings (you can catch up on itv player here). It's so scary but so good at the same time - brilliant acting. I say no more...
♥ Being able to finally post my letter to Jessica yesterday! The excitement was too much when I heard it drop into the letter box... Hope it arrives safe and sound m'love!
I am super excited about summer this year. Although we are not going abroad, my family are hoping to get a lot of stuff packed done the two months I will have off after exams. National trusting; visiting blogging friends, and family. It'll be good just to spend time in the United Kingdom...

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello m'lovelies! I thought I would write a few tips for everyone and what helps me personally. I did a post like this last year when studying my GCSEs which you can view here

Organisation: This is a key one for me! I am doing four essay based subjects for AS Levels, and I must keep organised otherwise everything will just be in mountains of paper which would seriously get me freaked out and stressed. I would suggest getting leaver arch files to place all your notes into for your subjects. I got simple blue and black for each subject but you can go all out do a little DIY to make them prettier... I would also suggest using dividers in your folders in case your subject has different topics etc. 

Lists: I write everything down on my phone, post it notes, diaries you name it. You can even get yourself some fancy pants lists from stationary shops such as Paperchase or (my favourite) Wilkinsons etc. 

Colours: I am like a baby with candy when it comes to colour and revision notes. I recently invested in the Stabilo Fineliners from Wilkinsons for just £3 for a pack of ten. They are bloomin' darn good and I've been going crazy annotation essay questions, past papers etc. They actually make me want to do revision. I love using highlighters as well which are great for highlighting the most important things when revising. 

The Technique: I use quite a few ways to revise including mind maps, past papers, essay questions, mnemonics, annotations (especially poetry and novels). I would also suggest group sessions with friends who are doing the same subject. 

Work Space: I use my brother's bedroom when he is not at home or the kitchen. I will often listen to music through my headphones or from my iPod through my speakers. I tend not to have my computer on due to me being easily distracted by the likes of twitter and facebook etc. The library is also a brilliant place to do revision because, everyone should be (and is most likely to be) silent and doing their own revision. 

Motivation: Everyone has those days where you just cannot be bothered to do any homework or revision but knowing that if you have the motivation to do it earlier then you won't be panicking for exams. I always find the method of working for half and hour then taking a ten minute break works for me (I always have a stopwatch on mind so I don't go over on my break). Just think, within a few months it will all be over! 

A Few Tips on Studying...

Photograph: The moors on the way home from Whitby on 13th April 2012 at 14:28

Good evening m'lovelies, how are we all this evening? This week has been quite a slow one with regards to college and my experience with Tonsillitis Nevertheless, what has been wonderful this Wednesday: 

I have some very exciting news for you all! You may or may not know that I love designing blogs. So, what better way than to start my own business? I have an official twitter account and a blog/shop. Due to exams, it won't actually be launching until Friday 6th June 2014. I have already designed a number of premade blogger templates already to be installed and I just have to tidy up a few loose ends etc. and I'm raring and ready to go. I've had a brilliant amount of feedback already so far!
♥ On Friday, I redesigned my entire blog (again) and I really like the way it turned out, even if I do say so myself... No doubt, however, within a few weeks I'll want to redesign it again.
♥ Snuggles with Otis have really cheered me up this week. 
♥ I received a gorgeous vintage inspired dress from the lovely company Just for £5 on Saturday! I absolutely love it and I should have a little review on the blawg soon...
♥ The new GOT advert for Series 4 looks seriously badass. You can watch it here

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello lovelies, this is just a quick post for today just to update you on a few changes happening with my little ol' blog and to say that I will be gone for a wee while...

Firstly... A change of heart: As you may, or may not, know I have been debating to change my blog name and URL in the next up and coming weeks. I started my blog as 'For the Love of Thrift' back in October 2012 and it started out as a 'thrifty' and 'crafty' sort of blog where I'd post DIY posts and Ebay Wishlists etc. As my blog developed, I began to write about much more personal posts and lifestyle bits and pieces from reading blogs such as Lisette Loves, Gingerly Pale and Ellie's Favourite Things.

At the beginning of the new year (2014, that is) I knew that my blog had developed into a more lifestyle theme of writing and posts, and it felt more of a journal or diary. So, due to a change of heart, came Georgia's Cup of Tea. Neat hey? Here you will still find an odd thrifty post now and again and a few DIY posts (if I have enough time) but mostly, I should be posting days out and general bits and pieces...

Secondly... A little farewell (for now): My exams are creeping ever closer and I have exactly two months until my exams start and I should get cracking with my some more revision. So, unfortunately, I'm going to have to say a little farewell to blogging for a while until 6th June when I can begin blogging and designing blogs again! In the mean time, I'll still, hopefully, update my blog with a few Wonderful Wednesday posts and hopefully a few other posts dotted here and there... I'm sorry, but A Levels come first, surely you understand?

P.S. I have calculated it is officially 82 days until Friday 6th June... That's not too far away, is it?

A Change of Heart & A Little Farewell (for now)

Hello everyone, I got a little email from the lovely people at Etsy asking me if I wanted to take part in their 'Affiliate Programme' in which I said 'yes!' to. 

With Mothers Day just around the corner, I thought I'd share with you a few gift ideas from Etsy itself or, if you're feeling crafty, there might even be few inspirations for DIY Mothers Day gifts. 

I chose these gifts when thinking of my own mum as she likes a lot of quirky and vintage themed items and especially home decor and pieces of jewellery. I think she would especially like the plant pot and candles featured above which would go lovely in our home (Mum, what do you think?!). 

I hope you liked this short but sweet post.
*this was a sponsored post on behalf of Etsy

Celebrating Mothers Day with Etsy | Gift Ideas

Throwback to Nottingham with Ella (my twin). Photograh c/o Dad. 

Good evening m'lovelies! Here we are with another week, another Wednesday. It's a short but sweet post this week, as I have been quite busy with college and revision. Nonetheless, here is just a snippet as to what has made my week better so far...

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
I've rekindled my love for Mumford & Sons ever since clicking on 'Sigh No More' on my iPod. Great music for revision and I highly recommend them if you haven't listened to them already. 
♥ I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately with the stress of exams looming but I am so so grateful for my day off yesterday which meant I could happily get a lot of revision done and have a wee break catching up on GIRLS.
Receiving my letters from Jessica at Gingerly Pale have really cheered me up this week so far. 
♥ I bloody love this One Direction prank!
Seeing all of the gorgeous flowers in bloom make my mornings brighter.

Wonderful Wednesday

I am a big lover of poetry and when I found this gorgeous ode to spring I just had to share it with you all as I myself do the love the Spring months when everything from Winter disappears and (usually) the snow begins to thaw; the days get longer and the temperatures get just that little bit warmer...

Ode to Spring by Elizabeth Bentley

Welcome, sweet season of delight,
What beauties charm the wond'ring sight
In thy enchanting reign!
How fresh descends the morning dew,
Whilst op'ning flow'rs of various hue
Bedeck the sprightly plain.
The artless warblers of the grove
Again unite in songs of love,
To bless thy kind return:
But first the lark, who roaring seems
To hail the orb of day, whose beams
With fresh refulgence burn.

The limpid brook that purls along,
The tuneful blackbird's joyous song,
The softly-whisp'ring breeze;
The mossy hills, which now invite,
These with the verdant meads unite,
Th' elated mind to please.
The mind with thoughts of good possest,
With innocence and virtue blest,
Untaught in vice's ways;
May taste those joys by nature giv'n,
May lift th' enraptur'd eye to heav'n,
And their great Author praise.
Stern Winter's gloomy season past,
We see fair Spring advances fast,
With Summer in the rear;
Soon Autumn's shades will interpose,
And a succeeding Winter close
The swift-revolving year.

Of human life an emblem true,
The early morn of youth we view,
In Spring's delightful face;
Meridian life's a Summer's day,
With Autumn fades; its quick decay,
In winter's blast we trace.
Then let us prize each fleeting hour,
Improve the moments in our pow'r,
E'er time shall cease to be;
Then shall our spirits, taking wing,
Be crown'd with an eternal Spring,
From Wint'ry storms set free.

Welcome, sweet season of delight | An Ode to Spring

Hello again all you lovely lot! It's time for another Wonderful Wednesday post. Although not a lot has happened but I have lots of lovely things to look forward to this week and I'm just glad it's nearly Friday...

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday: 
  It will be fantastic when Jake comes home on Friday evening for the weekend!
  I'm so grateful for all you lot, my readers, thank you for sticking with me! I'm *that* close to 300 via GFC (Wowza).
  Big news! The Festival of Thrift is coming back in September and I can't wait to go again this year, I will be joining the 'Thrift School' on Google+ this year to share my inside tips etc. so keep a look out for links on twitter and my blog soon!
 Blogsphere Magazine has seriously been giving me some good inspiration for blog posts and it's just so pretty...
 This made me laugh  and brightened up my day (This is known schadenfreude - pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others). I sound like a right bitch don't I?!

Wonderful Wednesday

photo c/o Natalie Holmes

It was last Monday when I met up with, singer/songwriter, Natalie Holmes in a little CafĂ©  after college for an interview. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to meet Natalie. I had met her briefly before, at her headlining gig, in December of last year, at a little church in Leeds and we have spoken a lot on Twitter and she very kindly chose me as a winner to have handwritten lyrics of a song of my choice. Her vocals are hauntingly beautiful and they are showcased on her two recent EPs 'Child' and 'The Simplest Things'. Natalie is very down to earth and just so darn lovely! Without further ado, I give you Natalie Holmes...

Hi Natalie, thank you very much for doing this interview! First question, have you always had an interest in music from an early age?
Yeah! I began learning classical piano when I was really little and I’ve always loved singing. I taught myself guitar when my brother started learning and I nicked his every now and then, and from then I started dabbling in songwriting!

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound mainly as 'Pop Folk’, although I like the fact that there’s now a kind of ‘Singer/Songwriter' genre. I feel like I want people to like my music because of the lyrics, melodies and the meaning of the song itself rather than the category it fits in to.

Would you say there are any influences?

I would say every artist I listen to influences me in little bits. I’m usually inspired by songs more than the people performing them. Although, a lot of the people I am inspired by are musicians that I built my career alongside, such as Orla Gartland, Lauren Aquilina, Lewis Watson, Gabrielle Aplin, as it reminds me that starting from scratch on your own doesn’t make you any less likely to succeed than anyone else. These people are crazy talented and they work hard at what they do, so they’re getting places!

I saw you recently in Leeds supporting Gabrielle Aplin and then at your gig at Leeds Trinity Church in December. Do you have any tips or advice for live performances?

Do lots and lots of gigs. Before I came to uni I’d played one gig, to pretty much no one. I was scared to call up venues and promoters! Having musicians surrounding me in Leeds boosted my confidence a lot, and I just did a load of Open Mic Nights, so eventually when the bigger gigs came about, I was less nervous. I mean I was probably nervous for a minute or two when supporting Gabrielle at the O2 but it was so amazing it was mostly just excitement! You just have to keep reminding yourself that you're just playing music and you should enjoy it.

When you are writing songs, where would you say you get your inspiration from? Do you tend to write about personal experiences more than anything else?

I like writing songs that are easy to relate to and maybe even beneficial to the person listening. I do mostly write about personal experiences yes, as I think it's more powerful and ironically, other people feel they can relate to those songs. More recently I’ve been trying not to sugar coat my lyrics as much and make them more of a statement, to make them feel a bit more down to earth, however making words sound pretty and poetic is half the fun of it so I’ll never cut it out completely. Anyway yeah, lyrics are definitely my main inspiration if you hadn't guessed!

Lastly, you’re about to release your third EP soon, what else is next for you this year? 

Other than my EP, I have my University degree to finish and I’m applying for festival slots and trying to get as many gigs as possible down for Summer!  I’m still not sure I feel confident enough to have a headline tour yet, but I’m hoping to possibly organise one near the end of the year? I'm proper excited for my EP though right now!
Thanks again to Natalie for agreeing to take part in this little Q&A session. I thoroughly enjoyed our little meetup and cannot wait for EP number three!


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