What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ I have had such wonderful feedback from my drastic hair cut on my blog, and all social networking sites. My hair is all packaged and ready to be sent off  to The Little Princess Trust!
♥ The video above has seriously made me howl with laughter this last week. As a huge fan of Game of Thrones, I stumbled up Bad Lip Reading on You Tube and both Ella and I have been quoting it all week!
♥ Having time on a morning to experiment with makeup this week. It's been a load of fun!
Confirming my hopeful university choices and booking open days. It's so bloomin' exciting!

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello! As you might be able to tell from the above photos that I cut my hair and all for a good cause.

I have always admired those who have donated their gorgeous, long locks to a Cancer charity and I have always wanted to do it myself but worried about the length of my hair. I soon found The Little Princess Trust which enabled me to donate all eleven inches of my dyed and bleached mop of frizz for those in need of wigs.

I know it is très short but I love it and I've been considering chopping my frizzy mop into a pixie since about February but didn't have the guts the last time I went (you can see all about that in this post). I was inspired by the likes of Carey Mulligan, Mia Farrow and Twiggy and I really love the results.

I have donated my hair to charity!

Yesterday, I went back to college feeling like I had been hit by a bus and all of my lessons were mind boggling to say the least. I cried at episode nine of the third series of GOT on Friday night as so many of my favourite characters were brutally murdered - George R.R. Martin WHY?!

Nevertheless, what has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Actually being back in a routine for the last three weeks of college. (yikes, three weeks sounds scary).
♥ I am super pleased with my room makeover (post coming soon!).
♥ Rekindling my love for Gabrielle Aplin and having  Out on My Own from her 'Home' EP on repeat.
♥ Feeling brave about my drastic haircut this Saturday. Bring it on!
♥ I have began a journal recently which is a fantastic way just to let all my thoughts flow freely onto paper. It is also fantastic for stress release.

Wonderful Wednesday

GIF: Pretty much me, procrastinating, possibly listening to HAIM or something crazy.  (source)
Hello chummies, it's another Wednesday, another wonderful post. How are we all? I'd love to know what you have all been up to and your favourite part of this week so far. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ I am très, très, très, excited about going to the hairdressers next week!
♥ Feeling lucky to know just how supportive and just darn lovely all you #lbloggers are in the chats on a Sunday & Wednesday.
I managed to sprain my toe on Sunday night. However, it's all on the mend with a bit of rest. 
♥ Finding this tune whilst stumbling across this scene from GIRLS on You Tube.
♥ Catching up with series three of GOT with Mum this week.

Wonderful Wednesday

I absolutely love scouring Etsy for inspiration for the home, especially for vintage gems such as the twentieth century type writer and the nineteenth century singer, both I have always wished for when I'm eventually living the dream in my little grandma cottage. I found this watercolour of Audrey Hepburn when looking for a classic, monochrome print of Audrey, instead I came across the work of Nicola MacNeil which drew me in with the gorgeous and eye catching colours. I have always been fasinated by vintage, rotary telephones and the classic red colour caught my eye on the website I would absolutely love to have one in my home.

What are your thoughts on my home comfort picks?
*this was a sponsored post on behalf of Etsy

Home Comforts with Etsy

Hello m'lovelies, I hope you are all well and that your week is going swimmingly so far. It is officially the Easter Holidays and I'm currently writing this whilst on a wee tea break from revision, so I'll make it a quickie. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Doing a bit of guilt-free shopping yesterday whilst having a serious catch-up two old friends in Leeds. I treated myself to two dresses in the New Look sale and I bloomin' love them.
♥ Adam Driver on the cover of Culture Magazine. Yummy.
♥ Jake comes home on FRIDAY!
♥ Having Series Four of Game of Thrones on record ready for my family and I to watch, when we have eventually finished watching Series three.  

Wonderful Wednesday

The Red Classic Floral Day Dress* c/o Just for £5 / Healed Black Loafers from Oxfam (Notts)

I received an email from the folks over at Just for Five Pounds, asking me if I wanted to review something from their website. I said 'Yes' after looking at a few of their lovely bits and pieces and the Red Classic Floral Day Dress arrived on my doorstep the very next day!

I knew just the occasion to wear the dress to, and with a family friend's wedding coming up, I couldn't wait to style it. Unfortunately, the dress had a slight hole, but with a wee bit of make-do and mend, it was wearable in no time! With the vintage feel of the dress, I decided to wear a pair of black tights and my trusty, black healed loafers from Oxfam. I threw on a blazer to smarten up the simple day dress as well.

I felt really comfortable the whole day whilst wearing the dress, and with the cheap and cheerful price, you can't go wrong. I urge you to check out Just for Five Pounds with an array of items from dresses to shoes.

The Red Classic Floral Day Dress

Hello munchkins, I hope you are all having a great week so far. For me, this week has gone pretty quickly and couldn't believe I had to write yet another 'Wonderful Wednesday' post!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
I recently found Coffitivity in the app store and found out you can also get it on the internet too! I find it's great for when revising as there is the relaxing but bustling atmosphere of a coffee shop. Plus, it's completely free so that's a bonus! 
 It's not long until the Easter holidays, and it will be good to not have to wake up at six o'clock for the next two weeks. Also, it will be great to see Jake for a few days whilst he's back home. 
♥ I was über excited for the announcement of Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 last week. However, to my disappointment, they completely disregarded the 'Best Thrifty Blog' category which I was shortlisted for last year. I'll still be voting for my favourite blogs though. When the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards come around this year, I'll be sure to try and get my blog squeezed in there somewhere!
♥ Notice anything different? I changed my blog design with one of my premade templates that I have lined up for my brand spanking new blog design business (Launching Friday 6th June 2014) and I went back to my simplistic roots with a grey and lilac theme to go along nicely with my new blog name. 
♥ I currently have 'Budapest' by George Ezra on repeat! You should definitely check him out. 

Wonderful Wednesday

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