Hello munchkins, I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far, whatever your plans! I am currently on half term/study leave and I have one bloomin' exam left (holla)! This week has been pretty busy so far with Ella's boyfriend coming up to stay for a looong weekend and busy family trips out etc. but it has been lovely also just to relax and read books upon books which don't involve me thinking analytically about, say for example: How Jeffrey Eugenides has used such narrative techniques in The Virgin Suicides (although, admittedly, I still do question such narrative techniques).

Anyway, what has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on You Tube (playlist here). Sooo good!
♥ I saw one of my best friends today and it was so darn lovely to see her and have a good ol' catch up.
♥ Actually now officially having stripy tees in my wardrobe! Primark is a godsend!
♥ Half term and study leave mean PJ days, all day, every day!
♥ Successfully job hunting. I just have to try get to the interview stages now...

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello my loves, I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday so far and that you're all enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I have officially only one exam left of my AS year at college which is ├╝ber exciting and I feel pretty happy with the way that most of my exams have gone, I can only cross my fingers that I have achieved the best grades I can. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Actually being able to sit down and read a book properly! Since visiting my local charity shops last Saturday, I have accumulated quite a few more books to add to my ever growing book shelf. I have started with the smallest of my wee haul which is 'The Jane Austen Book Club'. It's a far cry from reading the absolute bullsh*t of The Kite Runner, and being a big fan of JA myself, it's really good so far. I hope to review this book some time soon on the blog. 
♥ My website Lovingly Made Blog Designs is now up and running! With vigorous amounts of determination, and late night blogging inspiration and designing, I have managed to pull together my wee business. The site should officially launch 6th June but I could wait no longer. I am more than happy to take any requests for the waiting list whilst I am free for the next two weeks, so if you have your eye on anything, please feel free to sign up here.  

Hope you didn't mind this short but sweet post, as I am currently sitting here with a cuppa whilst multitasking trying to read my book and blogging! 

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello m'loves, this is just a quick post today on staying organised with a few tips and tricks to help you keep on top of everything during the weeks, months ahead, with blogging. Hopefully this post might give you a few ideas.

♥ A JAR FOR YOUR IDEAS If you have an idea, why not simply write it down? You can buy jars to store your ideas for cheap from places such as Wilkinsons etc. Write down your idea on a slip of paper and pop it in the jar. When you feel stuck for a post, pick an idea out and write about it.Simply place your jar on your desk, or wherever you blog best, and hey presto!

♥ HAVING A SCHEDULE OR PLAN For me, blogging twice a week is enough whilst studying my A Levels. I always try to blog as best as I can on a Wednesday and Sunday and I try to stick to this each week. If I cannot blog on a Sunday, I will always wait until Wednesday when I can publish a quick and easy Wonderful Wednesday post. It is always good to stick to a schedule, and you can always mix it up if you get bored of it.

♥ SCHEDULE POSTS IF YOU ARE A BUSY BEE Following on from my second point, I am a renowned scheduler when it comes to blogging as all of my ideas come to me at nightfall and I always schedule posts when I know that I am going to be too busy to blog on that day. It's not very often I will publish a post on the days when I feel relaxed and raring to blog - In fact, some posts are even in my 'Drafts' for weeks if I haven't had time to blog about them.

♥ KEEP A DIARY Don't worry, you're not sharing with us your deepest, darkest secrets. Just a simple diary will do for writing down your weekly plans and working out when you can and can't blog. I always colour code my blog posts, and daily tasks with different colours. For example: Pink might be for blog posts, and orange for daily tasks or school work etc.

Remember, blogging should be fun and an enjoyable hobby, not to be taken too seriously. These are just a few tips to help it just that little bit more enjoyable, and make it fit around your schedule!

Staying Organised with Blogging

Hello! First of all, let me just apologise quickly for going MIA last week and leaving you all without a Wonderful Wednesday post. I'll be honest, my week just got worse and worse after Tuesday, resorting me to have a break down on the bus, at home and college on Thursday and Friday. Anyhow, that was last week and this week is the beginning of my EXAMS! I have had English Language today, Sociology tomorrow, and English Literature on Friday. After that it's pretty much plain sailing with two Classics exams and another Sociology exam.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Having a four day weekend! Well, I was revising so not really a relaxing one at that. 
♥ I am so, so, so grateful for my friends' company during my mini breakdowns last week. Thank you girlies. 
♥ Listening to the Submarine OST by Alex Turner this week have made my early mornings brighter.
♥ Feeling motivated to kick English in the but on Friday. I've done A LOT of essays these past few days and I think I am getting there. 

Wonderful Wednesday

Lately, I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps with regards to revision, exams and a few personal things as well. I always resort to the flicking on the kettle and reaching for my favourite mug when I am feeling uninspired, or upset. 

It's the excitement of waiting eagerly for the kettle to boil whilst you race it by quickly cramming your hand in the jar for that magical, bag full the tiniest leaves of happiness. You pop it in, and you run across the kitchen for a spoon, ready for the steaming hot water to enter the depths of your mug and to open up and release the bag of all it's powers. Its magic will soon work its wonders, soothing you and making you just that little bit happier. You add the milk and you carefully measure how much you put in until you say 'enough'. You squeeze every last drop of this fantastical bag of brilliance to secure the spell hidden deep beneath the whirl pools of your mug. Your cup of tea is made.

Your first sip is just too hot so you have to wait a little while for it to cool down. You can wait no longer and you consume the spell, little at a time. Your body feels relaxed and you are enraptured by the calming senses of the tea's sorcery. Eventually, the spell has eliminated all of your misfortunes as you feel happier and much more creative. Its deed is done.

On the Subject of Tea

Since my drastic haircut on Saturday, I've been finding outfit ideas and accessories for my new 'do. I've always pretty much been a girly girl and I love wearing dresses and pairing them with a pair of chunky boots or statement earrings. I've also noticed I might need to invest in a few stripy tops as I don't even own any in my wardrobe and I think they look pretty cute paired with a pair of jeans and a statement necklace or a red lipstick. 

I've never been prone to wear any hair accessories such as head scarves or hats but I've been scouring the web for a perfect fedora hat,  recently, as well as looking in vintage and charity shops for a few scarves. I have a few berets tucked away somewhere, so I may have to dig those out too at some point and try styling them... 

I really do like compiling inspirational images from Pinterest onto a blog post, so you might see a few more of these popping up now and again.

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