Book Review: The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

The book is very small, with only about one hundred and eighty pages so it was a pretty quick read. With six chapters for each of Jane Austen's six novels, it didn't feel too overwhelming at first. Oh how I was wrong!

I am usually pretty good with remembering characters within novels and I can keep up with each and everyone of them - in this book, my mind was absolutely boggled! There were only six protagonists within this book and they all had completely different backgrounds, but somehow they all connected with Jane Austen in some way or another. I just couldn't remember for the life of me who was in a lesbian relationship with someone else, who was related to the other characters and who fancied someone else in the books club! Their names just couldn't function in my brain!

There was just something that bugged me about the narrator, who were they?! They were anonymous throughout the whole book and the blurb said six characters where there are clearly seven in the book club. The narrator told us every little detail, about the character's relationships, background, and even their own life story and yet, I just couldn't get to grips with the narrative voice. Was it Jane Austen herself? Or was is an invisible member of the book club, who managed to stalk all six characters?! Who knows, and it really got to me.

Nevertheless, thankfully there were not too many spoilers of Jane Austen's work as I admit, I have only ever read Pride & Prejudice.  Overall, I was quite disappointed with this novel and I would probably give it a generous three stars

Have you ever read The Jane Austen Book Club?

The Jane Austen Book Club

Hello everyone, I hope you're well and that this week is treating you kindly so far. I am suffering from Tonsillitis again, so this week hasn't been very productive because, I have missed college and I just have no energy. Nevertheless...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ It was Jessica's birthday yesterday! Her birthday present is coming today, of all days but I should have it shipped off sharpish. Fingers crossed it arrives safe and sound! (How much alliteration Georgia?!)

♥ Ella has gone down south to visit her boyfriend, so it means a bit of peace and quite for the family... (JK, she's as quiet as a mouse).

♥ I visit York a week today! I am très excited, and I can't wait to have a mooch at all the sights with my friends and do a bit of charity shopping also. I might even take a few snaps whilst I am there...

Wonderful Wednesday

Admittedly, I have always been a wee bit jealous of those bloggers who have très fancy studios to blog from or they have a funky desk with bits of quirky polaroid images stuck on the wall (basically a generic blogger being pictured in my head).

However, I prefer to simply blog from the comfort of my own bed: It means not having to feel all professional about my hobby and interest. Instead, I can relax and blog to my hearts content with some music blaring out, a cuppa and feel comfortable, laid back and not too serious. 

This post was just a quickie for a lazy Sunday, whilst also procrastination from my English Language work. 

Where do you blog? 

Where the Magic Happens | Lazy Blogging

Photograph: From a walk a while back. This is to compensate for me not taking any photographs of Sheffield. 
Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and that your week is going great so far. I'm going to keep it short and sweet, as I am back at college at the moment so nothing exciting is really happening. Anyway...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ Visiting Sheffield Hallam university on Saturday was a great experience and the English course looks fabulous! Added Bonus: it is only a forty five minute car journey from Leeds.

♥ I am excited that two weeks today, I will visiting York with the Classics department at college!

♥ My Mum and Dad kindly bought me a new laptop on Friday evening. I have however, been too terrified to set it up in case I blow it up or something.

♥ Having my first customer buy one of my premade templates on Saturday evening! It felt so surreal and she said she really like the results. 

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello m'loves, hope you are well and this week is going alright for you! This week has been pretty busy so far with myself and my family going to see War Horse on stage on Monday evening which was fantastic and I have started back at college for a couple of weeks which has given me something to do rather than sitting alone all day.

What has been Wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ I have been drinking a lot of black tea lately, which is yummy!
♥ Being back into a schedule for two weeks whilst starting A2 at college.
♥ No more exams! I am however really scared for results and looking back on my exams, I'm thinking yikes!

Wonderful Wednesday

Photograph: Otis on top of the fridge modelling, as per usual. (photograph c/o Dad) 
What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ It became apparent that on Sunday evening my GFC count went up to 300! Thank you all so much for those old and new readers who have joined my blog and have supported me.
♥ Only two days to go until my last exam for my AS year at college, I am raring and ready to go and I am so glad it is in the morning so I can just get it over and done with. THEN I WILL BE FREE (that is, until I have to back next week for the start of A2)!
♥ It has been great to see Jake and Hannah for a few days before they head off to Venice!
♥ It will be lovely to spend time with my family tomorrow as it is my Nana and Grandad's Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Wonderful Wednesday

english posy print cushion from next / birdcage square trinket box from joy / curved blue porcelain vase from homebase / promenad bowl from ikea / satsning mug from ikea / ekollon planter from ikea

The title says it all really, and here we have yet another home interiors wishlist - I just can't help myself. I absolutely love the colour blue and I picked out six of my favourite items and they are all linked above if you ever want to take a look. 

There's something about home interiors that excites me and I am only the age of seventeen, still living with parents and I could end up being homeless if I am not careful at any point in my life with no barbie dream house to live in and without any of these pretty accessories for it. Thinking I should give interior design  a go before I scrap that idea and move onto something less exciting *begins researching on Google and becomes über excited*. I'll let you know of any career plans, I just can't make my mind up! 

Feeling Blue | Home Interiors Wishlist

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