Another day, another post compiled of photographs from the wonderful {and addictive} world of Pinterest! I am making a trip to the hairdressers on Friday and I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do with my grown out pixie - so I turned to Pinterest for help. 

I have always been a big fan of Mia Farrow from watching her in The Great Gatsby as Daisy Buchanan countless times and loved her pixie cut but never had the guts to go as short as she has hers {see above}. However, from having my pixie cut from my long tresses I feel confident rocking any pixie 'do to be honest. 

From doing a little bit of research {basically, stalking images of Mia's hair} it looks naturally quite curly/wavy {as is mine} and I have looked at countless images of other pixies all with poker straight hair and Farrow's pixie cut is the perfect inspiration. 

original image source

It is apparent that Mia cut the pixie herself even before the filming of Rosemary's Baby as she told The Daily Mail back in January 2013 ‘I had literally cut it myself earlier that year — with a pair of fingernail scissors — while working on the Peyton Place TV series at Fox Studios’. Vidal Sassoon cutting Mia's hair was thought to be some sort of prank or publicity stunt. 

What do you think of Mia Farrow's pixie 'do? 

Getting My Pixie On | The 'Mia Farrow'

blouse one / blouse two / blouse three

Mango is not usually a shop I would venture into. However, it was on Thursday when wandering around my town center, that I was prompted to take a little peak. I instantly fell in love with a few sale items, alas my bank account begged to differ. I went straight home and began drooling over the mango website {see above and below for my favourite picks}.

I absolutely adore these three blouses as they are light-weight and perfect for this heatwave we have going on at the moment in the United Kingdom. They would easily take you all the way through to Autumn and Winter easily if simply chucked over a pair of jeans and ankle boots or, if the weather delights us, they can be paired with shorts, a skirt and hey presto. Versatile and gorgeous.

skirt one / skirt two / skirt three 

These three skirts caught my eye on the website as they are not something I would usually pick out when shopping. The black miniskirt is superb if you're wanting to channel your inner Mary Quant with a blouse or even jumper over the top. The second skirt looked amazing on the model and I think this skirt would look cool, possibly paired with your running trainers and a relaxed t-shirt or jumper. Skirt number three would look lovely on holiday with a pair of sandals and a vest if sight-seeing or for a relaxed, informal dinner/lunch.

dress one / dress two / dress three 

Oh. My. God. These dresses! I got waaay too excited over them. Dress numbers one and three are definitely my favourite picks from the website. I mean number three is just to die for due to my love of the sixties, any shift dress ticks all of the boxes for me. As for the first dress, it is (again) not usually something I would choose. Weather it would look any good on, I don't know. This is usually a dress my mum would pick out actually which is a little strange. Nevertheless beautiful, beautiful specimens.

pair one / pair two / pair three 

Finally, the shoes! I have always loved Mary Jane pumps and Brogues {or oxfords if you're American} but I have never found that perfect pair that are comfortable, not too clunky and definitely don't give me a blister. The first pair look classy and cute and I think would look perfect with any of the dresses I picked out as well as the second skirt {see above}. As for the 'Oxfords' I opted for the classic black, patent pair that would make any outfit look super slick and cool I like the navy twist of the third pair, giving them a summery feel, comfortable enough for seeing sights but possible candidates for autumn/winter weather too.

Do you like Mango? What are your favourite picks? 

Having a Mango Moment | A Wishlist {Because my Bank Account said No}

Photograph: Dawn on Sunday 20th July 2014 at 04:13 am. 
Howdy everyone, I hope you're all swell and having a great day so far. This week hasn't consisted of much apart from doing a lot of writing both for pleasure and work as well as drinking a lot of tea whilst watching Friends on all day on comedy central. It's officially the summer holidays when my mum asks me what I do with my time and I spend all day in bed a la Bridget Jones.  

What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
♥ I'm diggin' my new blog design. There are still a few things to fix such as adding the header to the nav bar but I am having no luck as of yet. However, I am pretty darn happy with it so far.

♥ The Mill returned to our screens on Sunday evening and I was really excited to watch it. It felt pretty surreal that I had visited the mill itself, last year, where the stories came alive, and where it is filmed.

♥ Getting some great feedback on Monday's post in which I asked Do Views and Statistics even matter?.

Wonderful Wednesday

original image source / edited by me

Last night the topic for the #lbloggers chat was  How to grow your numbers during the summer months. I began answering the questions and inputting my own opinions on views and statistics fluctuating because of so and so factors. 

Then it dawned on me. Do views and statistics even matter? I began going off on a tangent debating whether people should get hung up about whether they have millions of views because, I certainly don't and truthfully, I haven't looked at my page views in months ever since changing the name of this little guy. 

Sure, I use social media to share with you my posts but I couldn't give two hoots if a post reached to one hundred views or just two because, that's not why I write this blog. I write, because it's a hobby of mine and getting all hot and sweaty over how many views and statistics I have would suck all of the life out of this blog and would practically make me go insane from watching them fluctuate so much. 

Truth be told, blogging seems to be all about numbers these days. How many followers you have or how many page views per month etc. When I signed up to one Blogging network, they asked me what amount of followers I had (at the time, I think I had just reached one hundred?) and they rejected me straight away. I felt so disheartened that because I only had an X amount of followers, clearly brands and bloggers wouldn't want to work with me (DISCLAIMER: I do not blog purely for PR reviews NO WAY). Nevertheless I have had some amazing opportunities! 

I believe that it is the content of your blog, and if your blog has some personality that draws me to reading more - I never look at how many followers they have.

So, I leave you with this as something I posted last night when I left the chat: Even if your blog has millions of views or just two. Regardless, your blog is still amazing. It might just be an undiscovered gem. There are some absolutely fantastic blogs out there who are considered as 'small' and are many of my favourites - they just haven't been discovered yet.

Do you think views and statics really matter? Please share your opinions!

Do Views and Statistics even matter?

Today I thought I'd show you a few ways how I style my pixie cut. Whether it be wearing a headband, styling your look with a glittery bow or doing a few loose curls - the pixie cut is versatile even if you don't have that much to work with!

1:: These fabric bow headbands are all from New Look and I think they add the cutest touch to any outfit. I like to rock these with my natural curls or if you have straight hair I am sure you would look as cute as a button! I think they give a slight nineteen forty's look about them too - I especially feel like Rosie the Riveter.

2:: I like to style  my hair in plaits, twists or quiffs on a regular basis and clips can really add to your look. It really depends on how I am feeling but sometimes I need a bit of glitter in my life or if my outfit isn't that plain I might just stick a few pins in my hair to keep it in place. I love to style my hair with the floral pins also and they add a vintage/boho look to your outfit.

3:: These headbands are from Primark at a fabulous price of just one pound! I like to style these headbands in my hair if I am feeling lazy or if I straighten my hair and I feel like channelling my inner Emma Watson The Perks of Being a Wallflower look.

4:: Lastly, this Babyliss curler is a godsend if my natural curls are too crazy to tame. I simply wrap small pieces round the barrel for about three to five seconds and a spritz of hairspray and hey presto!

How do you style your pixie cut/hair?

Getting My Pixie On | Styling It

1:: My purse is from Primark (last year I am afraid) and it's small enough to fit snuggly into any bag and hold all my notes, change and cards perfectly. I like the monochrome colours to it also. For a mere three pounds it does a good job in holding everything together.
2:: My camera is great for when road tripping or days out and I want to take a few snaps (take my photo diary of York for example, all of the photographs were all taken on this little guy). I have had this camera for donkeys years and it has lasted me throughout this year or so of blogging and all of my holidays abroad.
3:: My sunglasses are from ebay (you can see a review of them here). I have these with me just in case the sun decides to come out for a little bit whilst out and about - ya never know!

4:: My phone is in my bag for obvious reasons. The picture quality is quite good, in case ever my camera runs out, I can always take some snaps quickly with no fuss.
5:: A good book is an essential item for me when road tripping as some journeys can last for a good hour or so and I can easily slip away to another world and get lost in a book easily.
6:: My trusty iPod from centuries ago is my best friend for road trips and has all of my favourite artists on there (I can't forget my earphones - I have actually done that before).
What's in your handbag?

What's inside my Handbag? | Road Trippin'

Photograph: Mum's sunflowers in the kitchen.

Helloooooooo! It's Wednesday again and we all know it's time for another Wonderful Wednesday instalment. This week has been productive so far with visiting Lincoln on Monday and helping out at College as part of the mentoring scheme yesterday.
What has been wonderful this Wednesday:
Thank you to whose who gave such supportive feedback on my last post on here. It was all about hopefully getting a tattoo, something which really means a lot to me and it's so great to know that people, strangers fully support and understand the reasoning behind it!

Visiting Lincoln was larvely. It's such a gorgeous city and Lincoln university is one of my hopeful choices.

Finally getting time to start writing my personal statement. It's pretty difficult to be honest but I've got a lot of time to get it perfect, so no rush.

I am having a bit of a Gabrielle Aplin moment and I have English Rain on repeat! 

Wonderful Wednesday

image source
 To those of you who have followed my blog from the very beginning, or from around last August, or even on twitter, you will know that Gabrielle Aplin is a huge inspiration to me, and I am considering inking her lyrics onto my body when I turn the grand old age of eighteen which is approximately five months away.
But why would you get a tattoo?
It is all to do with blogging my dear friends and about a significant turning point in my life when I just had to get rid of one specific person who was truly making my life a misery. Then I listened to Gabrielle's album English Rain and the lyrics I feel so much better now you're not around really reflected on how I feel now about that person and truthfully I feel a lot happier and these lyrics really mean a lot to me and having these on my body would, to me, signify that strength I had to fight off this person and pass that awful point just only two years ago. The lyrics also signify to me the turning point of this blog that you are reading right now and how far I have come, because of that person.
So, this is the question: Do I dare get inked? I have considered it for months now, maybe even a year and yes I have decided that I am going to get tattooed. I just don't know where abouts on my body yet. Possibly on my shoulder blade...
Would you dare get Inked? Have you got inked already?
Please feel free to share!

Life Decisions | Do I Dare Get Inked?

On Wednesday, I visited the gorgeous, historic city of York, and above are just a few snaps that I took. Firstly, we visited the National Railway Museum and it was quite interesting looking at the trains, carriages, however, the highlight was the scrumptious cup cake I had! Next, we went to Barely Hall which was a renovation of a Mediaeval hall which wasn't particularly interesting itself, but one of the guides was quite engaging telling us about the history of Mediaeval Britain. We then moved onto the Roman Baths which was situated beneath a pub, this was really fascinating as the baths were found after the shop next to the pub had burnt down and they were excavated. Lastly, we had a little bit of free time to mooch around York and I decided to treat myself to an Iced Drink from CafĂ© Nero and my friends and I had a little rest in the park next to York Minister which is amazing!  
Overall, I enjoyed the day and I am considering choosing York St John University as one of my top five choices, and visiting on Wednesday gave me a taste of the city and the surroundings.
Have you visited York?

Photo Diary | A Day Trip to York

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a Hopeless Romantic. My mum has always told me this and it is all Jane Austen's fault. It was the infamous character of Mr Darcy that was my first encounter with dreaming of a perfect relationship and living happily ever after with my own Fitzwills. Then it got worse.

I began reading the likes of Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontĂ« and falling madly in love with Rochester of all people. I mean some of the quotations in Jane Eyre are spectacular and make your heart skip a beat. Within seconds, I was hooked. It all spiralled out of control when Jay Gatsby arrived on the scene when introduced to The Great Gatsby in Literature. Gatsby soon all lost all of his extravagance and awe after studying the novel for about five months to soon find out he was a fraud and not as great as he may seem. The things literature does to you - Fitzgerald you broke my heart.

I am single (no surprise there) and I find myself drawn to fictional characters but in reality, guys just don't seem to live up to the expectations of all the dashing young men I have read about in novels. I dream one day of having my happily ever after but sadly, I think I may have to lower my expectations and come to terms with living the rest of my life and old spinster or a crazy cat woman.

Don't get me wrong, it's not just classical literature. Take John Green's The Fault In Our Stars for example. Augustus Waters is any girls dream guy to fall for - Writing your girlfriend a follow up to your favourite novel would be a dream come true by any standards. Sadly it all ends too soon (I've just ruined the whole bloody book haven't I?).

Nonetheless, I am sure we will all find our own Rochester, Darcy and Gus one day, it might just be fate that makes that happen or something unspectacular.

Hopeless Romantics Anonymous

I have spent the day at York today so I am keeping it short as I am super tiered, and this week has been relaxing due to me officially finishing college last Friday, so not a lot has happened. Nevertheless...
...What has been wonderful this Wednesday:

Reading for fun this week and finding it very relaxing!

 I was very kindly featured on Jessica's Blog, Gingerly Pale, as her June 'Blogger of the Month'. It honestly felt such a honour to be asked to be featured and I thought her questions were super to answer! You can see the Q&A session with Jessica here - you might even get to know me a little bit more...

I saw 'The Fault in Our Stars' on Monday with my twin which was lovely to spend some time with her. We were both, admittedly, disappointed with the film as we felt it missed out vital parts from the book and I personally thought it just went on for a little bit too long... Let's just say I much prefer the book, and Tom Odell is still my Augustus Waters.

Wonderful Wednesday

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