ORGANISATION IS KEY I have to meet a lot of deadlines with writing quite a few editorials to be published. This is where my diary comes in, planning when I am going to write and then reminding myself the due date of that specific article. I like to use colour-coding in my diary so I can keep up with daily tasks, as well as freelancing work (I have mentioned this before when talking about staying organised with blogging).

• TAKE YOUR TIME I will usually dedicate an afternoon to writing up articles. Possibly set a few hours outside of your day to sit down, get in the writing zone. Don't overload it though: I would say try writing for about fifteen minutes, and then take regular breaks in between. I always fuel up with a cuppa or have a bottle of water beside me.

• GET TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE WRITING FOR This is the best way to get to know how you should approach your articles and, how is the best way to engage your audience, as well as the editors themselves. Take a look at previous articles written by other authors, and get to know the brand itself.

• KNOW HOW YOU WORK BEST I am always seen in my pyjamas when writing, and comfort is key, for myself anyway. Find out how you work best, whether it is at a desk; in bed; or even at your favourite coffee shop. Do you work best in silence or, a little bit of music playing in the background? Possibly take a break from your computer, and write your articles down in a notebook, and copy them out a later date. Take these things into consideration to avoid procrastination.

• DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED Sometimes, you might not get published and that is totally okay! Don't let that stop you from asking for feedback on your submission, from the editor, for any improvements and if they can give you any tips for future articles. Practice, practice, practice!

• IT WILL BE A LOT OF HARD WORK If you don't already know this from blogging, freelancing is a lot of hard work and be prepared for sweat and tears my friends. Thinking of original content; sourcing images, and on top of that,  hoping and praying they will love your work. However, freelancing is a lot of fun so, please don't let that put you off at all. Your passion for writing will certainly strive, and it will show in your articles.

• IT IS FINE TO TAKE A LITTLE INSPIRATION just don't completely copy someone's work as it is most likely you will get caught. Read magazines, popular articles on websites, your favourite blogs. Inspiration can take any shape or form, you just to know where is the right place to look.

I really hope these tips gave you a bit of inspiration to possibly go into the world of freelancing! 

A Few Tips on Freelancing

Thundery downpours, that graced us later on this summer, after the glorious sunshine, gave me a chance to curl up with a good book. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood were my top reads and, both bargain prices, for just 99p each, from my local charity shops. They are both very gripping, and I just couldn't put them down!

I have to admit, I bought the Batonics Organic Facial Oil on a whim when browsing in Boots. I absolutely loved this product, and after the first use and I could most certainly tell a difference with the dry patches on my face and a few of my other blemishes had reduced instantly. I apply a few droplets to my face and neck on a night time, as It does tend to be on the oilier side. Nevertheless, will most definitely consider repurchasing this product.

My staple nail polish for this season has been the very cheap and cheerful shade Amaretto Crush by MUA for just one british pound! I have always been a huge fan of this particular makeup brand but never thought to try any of their nail polishes. This is a gorgeous colour and one coat is most certainly enough.

The earrings above were too pretty to pass from Accessorize back in June and I have been wearing them none-stop all throughout Summer. I absolutely love the shade of blue of the gem and with the simplicity of them, they compliment almost every outfit.

The scent I have been using relentlessly is Sunflower which was a hand-me-down from my Nana, and then from my Mum to me. It's not too heavy and only a few spritz of the stuff is enough for the fresh, earthy aroma to come through.

Lastly, this pencil case was a bloomin' good bargain from eBay and if you know me, I get just a little bit too excited about stationery and all the Back to School stuff. I mean, come on, stripes and cats on one pencil case is a winner for me! 

Miscellaneous Summer Favourites

I keep losing track of the days, and I'm sorry for two Wonderful Wednesday posts in a row as I just didn't have any inspiration for a post and just wanted a little break from blogging in all honesty. Nonetheless...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

♥ Watching countless film and reading a lot of books has been bliss! 

♥ Painting my nails vivid and exciting colours whilst the last of the summer weeks. I currently have the shade 'Lilac dream' by Models Own, a gorgeous colour! 

♥ I have had a lovely week being a somewhat 'only child'. However, both my brother and sister are back today which is great to finally have the family feel as a whole again. 

♥ I am certainly ready to go back to college next week and I love having the excuse to buy millions of highlighters, pens, folders. 

Wonderful Wednesday

Good afternoon! Time flies when you're having fun and I completely forgot today was, of all days, Wednesday! This last week has been exciting to say the least with having an impromptu new arrival to the Shipley family and other shenanigans...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...
♥ As you can see from the image above, we have a new member of the family! Marvin was an unexpected arrival on Saturday evening and we have all fallen in love with him! Otis is still adjusting to his new brother but they are making progress already.

♥ I have written an article for online magazine/website Raggs & Rattle which was published yesterday. You can have a read of my vintage tips and tricks right here. I am hoping to post twice per month, so keep an eye out for more posts from me!

♥ Having a good old clear out of all my college work from lower sixth this afternoon. It felt such a relief to finally say 'Goodbye' Sociology! 

Wonderful Wednesday

original source | edited by me
On Thursday it was the most dreaded day for A Level students. Results Day. I had never felt so disappointed in myself as I ended up not doing so well in the two subjects that I am planning to carry on with next year. Although they were technically passes, in terms of grades at AS Level, they weren't what I hoped for. I did do well in English Language passing with a B overall and, achieving my first ever A grade, throughout my entire academic career so far, in my language coursework, which I worked bloody hard on.

My dreams of achieving BBB, and studying English at a University, were crushed in a matter of seconds and I rang my parents in floods of tears. Thankfully, they are supportive of what I have achieved, to say that I really did struggle with my exams and I didn't do the best in the majority of my overall results. My mum and dad have always said to me,  everything happens for a reason and I think these grades have given me a bit of a wakeup call about my work ethic or clearly I am inconsistent when it comes to performing in exams.

Thankfully my older brother knocked some sense into me and we came up with a Plan B to not apply to university this year and, after I find out my overall A Level results, then to take a gap year instead, try find a job and/or get some work experience. I like the sound of this plan, and it sounds like a big adventure to be had, something that might mean I end up having an epiphany of some sort and that I don't want to go to university at all. I will, though, still keep the idea of university in the back of my mind but I think it will be refreshing to take a break from examinations and studying.

If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again.

If at first you don't succeed, then It's OK to have a Plan B.

Yesterday, the world heard the tragic news of the death of actor/comedian Robin Williams who was well known for the likes of Mrs Doubtfire and The Dead Poets Society. I thought I would simply commemorate the works of this wonderful man and say goodbye to one of my favourite actors. 

I have to admit, I cried for about half an hour after seeing the headline on This Morning, yesterday and rang my mum to see if she had heard the news. I ended up crying some more when watching The Dead Poets Society {O Captain! My Captain!}.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. 

Wonderful Wednesday | Celebrating Robin Williams

Another Sunday Sounds for you, as I have done a playlist previously on here which I shared when revising for my exams {you can take a look here}. I have compiled a bit of a mixture of sounds from few upbeat sounds to some of my old favourites that I have rekindled and some that are secretly my guilty pleasures {shhh!}. Let me know of your thoughts on any of the songs or artists... Enjoy! 

Heart of Glass by Blondie
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush 
 Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
Riptide by Vance Joy / Also the FlicFlac Edit 
Lungs {The Album} by Florence + the Machine 

Playlist | Summer

All images from my pinterest board here

Pixie cuts don't have to be boring, not if you add a vintage headband or a gorgeous flower to accompany your outfit. Above I have sourced a few images from the wonderland of Pinterest {where else?} and I especially love Emma Watson's accessories! I have a post on how I style my pixie cut featuring a few headbands and clips that I style my hair with regularly which you can see here.

Which is your favourite accessory?

Getting My Pixie On | Pretty Pixies

Hellooooooooooooo! This week has flown by and it's only bloomin' Wednesday. Where is August going?! This week has been quite lazy, laid back {like all of my others this summer} but exciting also...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!
♥ It was my parents' anniversary on Monday and we celebrated as a family with a gorgeous evening meal.

♥ Pyjamas days are the best. I have loved watching films and YouTube videos in bed as well as doing a lot of blogging and writing.

♥ I think I am in love with my new pixie do and I have never felt so confident within myself. It's so hassle free on a morning with a quick spritz of a de-frizz product, a whoosh of the hairdryer and straightening the top sections is a doddle.

♥ I am meeting up with a friend from college today for a little mooch around town, which'll be lovely to see her,  and I am on the hunt for striped tees as I am having a little phase me thinks {I will keep you posted on this one, depending on how many I buy - haha}. 

Wonderful Wednesday

I thought I would share with you my blogging tool kit as it is something I have rarely seen on many blogs, and something that might be a little helpful for those perhaps starting out, or as a rough guide to what I use for blogging on a daily basis.

MY BLOGGING JOURNAL is a must-have for me for when jotting down all of my post ideas and it's easily small enough for my handbag if I have a eureka moment on the go. My notebook was a gift but in all honesty, any notebook or journal will do, it doesn't have to be très fancy at all.

My LAPTOP is upon where the magic happens and I will spend hours blogging, researching, editing and gathering images together for posts. My laptop is brand spanking new with windows eight so blogging is accessible with apps just a click away and replying to emails is a doddle. I'm thinking of investing in a laptop sleeve/bag for if I ever blog on the go in a generic blogger way {a la starbucks, no?}.

MY COMPACT CAMERA is good enough for me and I have had it for donkey's years. From having great feedback on posts in which photographs where taken on this little guy, I have realised you don't have to invest in a Cannon D500 or whatever fancy pants camera some bloggers use. Again, like my journal, it is easily small enough to fit inside any handbag for when taking snaps on the go.

MY IPAD MINI is the greatest gadget for when my laptop is taking a rest. All of my social media apps are on there which I use to share my posts and everything else, such as twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and all the rest. I will often take my blogging notes on my iPad just in case I forget my journal at any time and I can quickly reply to emails as well.

I really hope you liked this little post and that it gave you an insight into my bloggers tool kit. If you ever want to do a little post like this, or have one of your own, please feel free to comment below links to your blog posts!

What is in your Blogging tool kit? 

My Blogging Tool Kit

Just a really quick and impromptu post to show you a few pictures of my new 'do. I went shorter than my original pixie back in April and this was inspired by the gorgeous Mia Farrow. I am super duper chuffed with it and It'll take a little getting used to but I have never been so happy with my hair before!  I can't wait to get styling it with all sorts of different styles and accessories so watch this space folks! 

{P.S. Totally nothing to do with this post but I am obsessed with this mix of Riptide by Vance Joy}

A Rather Impromptu Post | I went even Shorter!

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