Dear all who read this blog, 

Today, I am talking about a subject I feel strongly about, but I have never felt to discuss before on my blog. This, my friends is Feminism. I urge you to please not click the red 'x' at the top right-hand corner of your screen, but to read this open letter, even it is just a snippet.

I know the concept of 'Feminism' can seem daunting to some people, possibly because it is often portrayed negatively, or simply because not enough people know what it is, or there is some kind of stigma attached to it. I am just one small person out of approximately seven billion, who inhabit this universe we call home, and I know that this open letter will probably just be a drop in the ocean compared to what others can do to make a difference.

The actual definition of Feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. I know that in the United Kingdom, we have made it as part of the law that both genders should be treated equally with the Gender Equality Act and so on.

However, in other countries around the world, most women and girls aren't so lucky and are forced into marriages at a young age, they have no education, and they are not considered as 'free' nor are they considered the same as men. This needs to change and that is why I am backing the HeforShe campaign.

Admittedly, it was Emma Watson's speech at The UN that prompted me to write this open letter and I was pretty much moved to tears after watching it several times. The words that truly inspired me where those she said right at the very end of her speech If not me, who? If not now, when?

An Open Letter on Feminism

Being a big fan of keeping myself organised, and having everything I need all in one place, the Study Planner app for Windows is a must-have in my life for all of my college/educational needs. I was looking for another app, only to stumble upon this one and download it instantly. 

YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN TIMETABLE: Whether you like to colour-code your lessons {like myself} or you want your study periods to stand out from the crowd, devising your own timetable is a doddle. With the Study Planner app, you can go down to smallest of details, including what time your lessons start, and which teacher you have for each lesson. 

SETTING ANY HOMEWORK TASK IS EASY: Have you ever found yourself in a situation when your teacher gives you a homework task right at the end of the lesson, and you need to write it in your planner otherwise you will just forget - meaning you're the last to leave because, you had to get your planner out of your bag, a pen and physically write in the task? Me too. With the Study Planner just whip out your phone and type in the task set, and add the rest when you're out of the classroom. So quick and simple!

GET REMINDERS WHEN SOMETHING IS DUE: This bit I love on the Study Planner app as a little reminder pops up on my home screen telling me when something is due to be handed in, and even what lesson I have next for all us lazy buggers.

Today's playlist is that of Vance Joy's new album Dream Your Life Away. I have had this on repeat all week since it was released... I hope you like it! On a little side note, I'm hoping to interview the wonderful man himself sometime soon - exciting stuff!

Study Planner for Windows | A Review

Sometimes, we all just need a little relaxation. A time to escape away from it all, and not to worry about the piles of work we are yet to complete {unless, that's just me...}. As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love curling up with a good book to get stuck into, some music blaring out, and a cuppa to let all my worries wash away. I am having a bit of a lazy Sunday since I worked for quite a few hours in my college library on Friday, even though I could've easily gone home. What a better excuse to get some writing done, and just have a day off? Below is a spotify playlist of my favourite songs at the moment. I hope you like it!

P.S. Thoughts on these spotify playlists as a regular Sunday kinda thang? Let me know in the comments!

Escaping Away from it All . . .

Quite a while back, I was contacted by Hayley's manager asking If I would like to feature her on my blog. I have always been a massive fan of Hayley so it felt pretty surreal having the chance to interview her! So, without further ado, here are a few questions from the lovely lady herself. I hope you like it... 

1. Have you always had an interest in music from an early age? I've always loved writing and singing but I didn't really consider putting the two together until I was a teenager. Navigating your teen years can be a tricky thing, during that time I would turn to music to feel a little more understood. It was then that I realized songwriting would be a wonderful way to share my stories and hopefully give people something to relate to, a shoulder to cry on, a little escape that could make them feel less alone.

2. How would you describe your sound? Honest, raw, and vulnerable.

3. Would you say there are influences? Growing up, my mom listened to a lot of Sarah McLachlan which I think may have influenced my sound a little bit. I would say I'm most influenced by lyricists as I love to tell stories in my songs.

4. When writing songs, do you tend to write more about personal experiences more than anything else? I definitely tend to write the most about personal experiences. Music has allowed me to make sense of situations I can't seem to make sense of by any other means. I love writing in retrospect so my songs often have a nostalgic-feel and involve recalling cherished memories.

5. What's next for you? Any up-and-coming gigs or tours? Do you have any goals for yourself this next year? I'm hoping to get into the studio soon to record a few songs that I've been wanting to share for awhile. Next year I plan to continue sharing my music and play more shows! I'm hoping to play a few in the U.K. next summer which I absolutely cannot wait for!

A Q&A with . . . Hayley Solano

Hi m'loves, I am just writing a really quick post to say that I am taking a bit of a backseat from blogging for the time being, so you shan't be seeing as much content from me, as you are used to.

This, in no way shape or form means I am giving up or quitting. I'm taking a break because, of college and work is already piling up and on top of that I'm trying to take a break from technology for a little while to get into a routine and stop procrastination etc.

I'm not quite sure when I will be back, but for now you might not see me around as much as I'm pretty much locking myself away in my brother's room or the library for a good few weeks as coursework deadlines are looming already, as well as other bits and pieces. I feel I should apologise but in all honesty, work comes before hobbies, so if this is what it takes, then I am going to have to make that sacrifice. 

So, I guess this is goodbye... for now?

Taking a Backseat from Blogging . . .

Hello! A bit of a spontaneous post this week, as I already have mountains of work to do from college today {the joys of A2's}. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...
♥ I realised {at about six o'clock this morning} that exactly one month today, it will be my blog's second birthday! I'm not joking either when I say I am going to have a birthday party. 

♥ Having another post published over at Raggs & Rattle was rather exciting this week. I should have another post up this friday, so keep a look out on my twitter for links, or feel free to click the image over on the side bar... P.S. You can see my latest article right here...

♥ Finally getting back into the swing of things, as to regards to college, and working etc. It just feels nice to be actually getting up for something on a morning. Also, I couldn't be happier with my timetable this year - So many frees study periods! 

♥ Thank you all so much for such great feedback on my few tips on freelancing, that was published on Sunday. It was great to hear that some people found the post really helpful, even for blogging! 

♥ Really chuffed to bits that all of my favourite series are starting soon. September is most definitely one of  my favourite months to watch television. When Downton Abbey comes back on, my life will be complete. 

Wonderful Wednesday

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