Hello, here we are another très late Wonderful Wednesday post. I've really not been feeling into the blogging spirit at the moment, being more focused on trying to get as much coursework done as humanely possible and I've sort of fallen out of love with it for the time being? I dunno, anyway...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday:

♥ Pinterest has really cheered me up this week with finding inspirational quotations, pinning my future dream home and getting into the winter spirits. It's also been giving me a lot of ideas for my tattoo, that I might be getting, but I'm not giving too much away just yet...

♥ Little Comets on repeat on spotify have really made my week. I also loved cover your rain (acoustic) on youtube. The guys are seriously so cool, and I've had a little natter with them on twitter a couple times. I received some of the most exciting news ever, on Monday evening, all to be revealed soon... 

♥ The Wolf of Wall Street had me howling with laughter on Saturday night. Leonardo DiCaprio is exceptional and it really baffles me how he hasn't won an oscar? Definitely his best performance to date in any of his films I have seen. A must-see!

♥ I visited the little town of Skipton, near my hometown yesterday. for a little wander whilst Ella's boyfriends was staying over for a few days. I had the loveliest steak and ale pie, with chips and I managed to find 'The Complete Works of Shakespeare' for bloody one pound, and fifty pence - Bargain! 

Wonderful Wednesday

all images courtesy of bamblevintage

Hello all, today I have a wee post about a really cool vintage shop 'BambleVintage' over on Etsy here. I was contacted by the oh-so lovely owner of 'BambleVintage' Sophie, who said she that my blog was one of her favourites, which made me really quite humbled! 

BambleVintage has an array of items from blouses, dresses, skirts and handbags as well as menswear also. I think the prices of the items aren't overpriced at all and for such a great quality stock. The shop has been running for just over a year and a half and has lots of items for sale. Above, I've put together a collage of my favourite items from BambleVintage!

The owner of BambleVintage, Soph, has very kindly create a discount code 'BREWUPBUTTERCUP' that entitles you to 15% off any item over £10 at BambleVintage that is valid until 23rd November 2014, so if you seen anything you like, you can snap it up with this extremely sweet gift for you lot. Simply enter the code at the checkout and hey presto! 

Soph is very kindly sending me a little package* also, that should be arriving soon, which I am très excited about and is a total surprise!

*the package I am receiving from BambleVintage does not affect my views and opinions - they are always 100% honest.

Introducing | BambleVintage

It was quite a while back when I stumbled up the Village book store when I met up with Ciara, and it was bloomin' sods law that I hadn't brought my camera with me that day. So, I vowed I would visit again and take some photographs because, I pretty much fell in love with the shop. 

Village is situated in one of my favourite buildings/shopping centres in Leeds - the Corn Exchange {first floor up}. The shop has quite a 'rustic' feel to it, and has some awesome books and magazines inside including Kinfolk and Frankie *drools*. I loved the cacti and plants dotted around {who doesn't?} and thought the layout of the shop was really fresh, and gave you freedom to wander carelessly round the little space. With two big leather sofas, it's inviting and gives quite a homely approach to a bookshop unlike others I have visited {although I must urge you it's not a library}.

I couldn't not leave without buying book two of Violet for just six pounds with amazing content inside, and Alexa Chung as the front cover {more on this in another post}. With my photographs shot, and magazine in hand, I strode away from Village feeling really inspired and a very happy customer. Thanks again for letting me take a few snaps and I will definitely be visiting again soon!

Wanderings | The Village Bookstore

images can be found here
Afternoon! As winter is fast approaching, and Autumn already in full swing, I thought it'd be a perfect time to post a wee bit of 'pinspiration' as I am hoping to take up a new hobby. As you can probably tell from the title, and the images above, that is knitting and crocheting. Having always been deemed quite 'creative' (other people's words, not mine), and having always wanted to take up this hobby I thought 'what the heck' and have added quite a few knitting and crocheting books {for beginners, I might add} to my birthday and christmas wishlist. From doing quite a bit of research, knitting and crocheting is meant to be quite therapeutic and calming, so I am hoping it might help me de-stress if ever I am overwhelmed by essays, or whatever. 

I hope you liked today's pins, as I really do love finding inspiring images and putting them together in a collage. Maybe one day, I might be able to make something as funky as some of the projects above #dreambig...

Pinspiration | Knitting & Crocheting

'Ey up! Oh god, how I have missed updating you weekly with my Wonderful Wednesday posts. I stopped doing them for quite a while, partly because a) my life hasn't be quite that exciting lately and b) my blog would get really, really repetitive with having one of these posts one after the other {and no one likes a blog post repeater. I joke}. So on with my update... 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday {It felt so good to type these words again}...
♥ Can I just address the gorgeous specimen that is James Norton please? I was drooling when watching the new itv drama Granchester on Monday night. Seriously though, he's soooo beautiful. 

♥ Finally being able to wear my new winter coat this week has been oh-so delightful. Even with the wind, and rain battering me, it makes me feel all cosy and warm with an extremely fluffy lining. M&S, you are truly a lifesaver. 

♥ Saturday couldn't come any sooner as I'm heading down to Nottingham with my family to visit my brother. Also I'm meeting up with the ever so lovely lady that is Tori from Tori's Tales for a wee bit of tea and cake which sounds just heavenly {so much fangirling!!}. 

♥ Autumn is most definitely getting into the swing of things and I get so excited by the sights of conkers and so on. I managed to witness two squirrels fighting over something on the way to the bus stop the other day as well. Let's just say one of them got b*tch slapped, literally. 

♥ Having Vance Joy's album 'Dream your life away' on repeat for weeks, and weeks have made commutes to college, and studying in the library much more enjoyable. I. just. cannot. stop. listening. to. it. I think I might have a problem... #SendHelp!

♥ Another musical genius who I have recently found is that of the very talented Matt Corby {also Australian, like Vance}. I stumbled upon Matt whilst on Spotify, and his singles 'Brother' and 'Resolution' had me hooked. 

{A Very Overdue} Wonderful Wednesday

images from weheartit and pinterest

Good morning everyone! A wee post today as I am celebrating a wee achievement and that is that my blog is two years old!! It's been an absolutely wonderful two years so far and I can't wait to celebrate many more years to come... 

Celebrations | My Blog is Two!

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