You all seemed to really like my last miscellaneous favourites post, so I thought I would carry on the tradition with my favourites from the months of Autumn. I hope you like it...

Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites

'Allo! A short but sweet post from me this evening. Hope this week is treating you well, and the countdown to Christmas isn't actually that far away is it with just twenty-eight days to go!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Another interview for you all! I've known Jack for years and years with both of our brothers being best friends. With the success of my little comets interview, I thought  I would take the opportunity to interview Jack too! I hope you all like it...

An Interview with Jack Haining

Good evening everyone! I hope you're all well, and that this week has been a-okay so far. This week so far has been quieter than most, although it being quite hectic with deadlines to be met but, hey, c'est la vie.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Every person I know seems to be getting stressed about their personal statements, but on the other hand getting exciting offers from the universities of their choice! This is whereas I am getting really, really stressed and fed up my English coursework already, whilst saying to people 'Oh, I'm not applying to university this year' when asked 'So, how's your personal statement going?'. I feel a bit out of the loop hole with where the idea of university is concerned, in my life at the moment. Sure, it could be a fantastic experience and I'm sure I'd love it, but for the job role I would love to eventually go into, I am not sure whether university would actually be the right choice for me (at the moment anyway).

Also, my career plans have changed quite drastically since deciding this. Admittedly, I had this big idea that magically three A grades would appear from nowhere. I must have been deluded to think I would end up at the university of my dreams, possibly studying an English degree, to then somehow become a Journalist. However, my AS grades gave me a huge wake-up call, and in all honesty, I'm really thankful for myself essentially buggering my other three subjects (this sounds weird, I know, but bear with me on this).

So, what's the plan? Well, I've been looking into apprenticeships in Social Media, particularly with the company 3AAA. I was recently invited to an interview, after applying online. When coming out of the the interview, I thought to myself 'This is what I want to do! I can actually see myself working in social media'. The dream of actually being able to blog for a living became a possibility as well, after discussing where I could see myself in about five years time. It seems all really far away now, but with the dedication that I have, and with the strong desire to achieve such a dream, I know that one day I could possibly be in a job that doesn't seem like a chore. In fact, probably most days I would actually want to get out of bed for work.

I know, I'm always really soppy about my blog and have even been reduced to (happy) tears. But it's true what they say: Blogging opens a lot of doors for you and 'when one door closes, another door opens'. This is extremely true in my case, and like I have said before, I couldn't be more grateful for the absolutely eye-opening and just surreal opportunities and support I've had since starting my blog: I've learnt more skills; my confidence has rocketed; and most of all, I am happy. I would even go as far to say that I actually feel appreciated by a group of people, and honestly couldn't ask for a better group of friends from something that is just a hobby!

I'm not even sure if anyone got this far, but that's enough mushiness from me, as I might actually cry again, and I look real ugly when I cry. Anyway, in a nutshell: University isn't the be-all and end-all, and I couldn't be more happy with life at the moment. There are other opportunities you know...

Thanks and I love y'all. X

On Not Going to University | A Bit of an Update

quotation from designlovefest

Good evening! Hope this week is treating you well so far. I had the loveliest end to last week with (as you all know) interviewing Little Comets on Friday evening and attending their gig afterwards, which was in all honesty, one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Ella and I really enjoyed the evening...

What has been wonderful Wednesday...

♥ Feeling a bit teary-eyed on Saturday evening, and I was completely overwhelmed. Friday had felt so surreal, I just couldn't believe it had happened. I honestly feel so, so grateful for all your support. It got to the point that when Ella and Tori tweeted me, I started to cry and cry and cry (all extremely happy tears). Then to make Saturday even more surreal, I felt like I was on a constant high or that I had taken some kind of drug, I was literally having a party all to myself at around two a.m. #lovinlife

♥ Waking up on Sunday morning to about twenty emails from Bloglovin' to say 'Gary {my dad} has liked your post'. Seriously, Dad you didn't have to like all of my posts ha! He'll probably like this actually when published. I'd even go as far as to say he's my biggest fan, as he has the bloglovin' app...

♥ On Monday, at about three o'clock in the morning, Ella left for Denmark for THREE weeks! I'm feeling a little bit lonely, but thankfully I have Otis and Marvin to cheer myself up and Jake has been added to my speed dial. If I can't talk to one sibling, I will force my other one to talk to me endlessly about stuff. Plus, my parents are always a good laugh. 

♥ Everything feels a bit of a blur at the moment and like everything is spinning and things are constantly happening/popping up in my life. I had an interview today, for an apprenticeship which I was pretty nervous for but thankfully it went a-okay! I feel the quotation above really speaks volumes for me at the moment with having such great opportunities because, I got off my arse and did something, with the little comets interview being a prime example. 

What has made your Wednesday wonderful?

Wonderful Wednesday

Rob, myself, Mickey and Matt. Fabulous photography skills by Ella. 
It was on Friday evening when I met up with 'Little Comets' before their gig at Leeds University student union. I have to admit, I had been absolutely terrified all week, not because they are scary, but because I had had so many scenarios in my head how this would turn out! Thankfully, when it came to the actual interview, it was reassuring to know how genuinely down-to-earth they all were.

Matt walked in casually with a box of Hero chocolates, said a very cheerful 'Hello', whilst kindly offering us one, followed by Mickey and Rob both with soup (and a carton of apple  and raspberry juice). Invited into a booth, we got chatting about my blog a little bit. With myself calming down a little bit and the shock of being just a few centimetres away from my favourite band kind of fading away, I told them 'This is my first time, ever recording an interview, so I hope this [referring to the recorder app I had downloaded] works!'... I really do hope you enjoy this interview and I will admit, I couldn't be more happy how it's turned out and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

An Interview with Little Comets

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Gooooooood morning! This week has been pretty spectacular so far, and I'm really, really excited for Friday (uh ma god two more days!!!). It's Bonfire night (most hated night in the world in the Shipley household - especially for Otis) so you shan't be seeing any instagram snaps from me at a firework display. Anyhoooo...

...What has been Wonderful this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

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Bear with me on this, I know what you're all thinking either a) I'm trying to grow a beard myself, and if so, then there's moving onto b) I'm really a man. Then you all have the 'omg-how-creepy-unfollow's-straight-away-this-is-just-too-outta-contol' moment or option c) I am super picky about what guy I is looking for and rules out anyone without a beard. I'll tell you a secret, it's kind of option c, but I'm having a 'moment', shall we say, with were beards and guys are concerned... I just think guys look ├╝ber cool (and quite sexy?). Basically I'm obsessed with bearded men right now.

I think it's Jamie Dornan and Ricki Hall *serious drooling going on right now* that started this fangirling so, you can blame them. Apologies for all non-beard lovers of the world who just found this blog post really stupid or pointless to read. Thanks again, Pinterest, you really do bring out the weirdo inside of me...

today's playlist, you guessed it little comets aaaaaall the way. just call me slightly obsessed:

Pinspiration | I love Beards!

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