Hello all, a very soppy Wonderful Wednesday today and the last ever of such a fantastic year. As this year draws to a close, I thought I'd take the opportunity to look back on two thousand and fourteen and say a gazillion thank you's to a load of people as well as talk you through my highlights...

Wonderful Wednesday | Looking Back on 2014

Our third and final day in Dublin was spent being real tourists as we visited Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison which is now a museum. Again, with student cards coming in handy, the price for a guided tour was pretty darn cheap. The tour itself was really informative and worth-while with a tour guide who really knew his stuff. It was poignant to hear about the stories and was quite eerie to see where prisoners would have stayed, and what would have happened to them whilst in the jail. 

When in Dublin | Day Three

My second day in Dublin was very exciting indeed! I awoke at around eight o'clock to a pleasant sunrise. I whacked on some Little Comets, as they're always a good choice to wake-up to on a morning, and did my usual routine and got dressed for breakfast. 

When in Dublin | Day Two

We arrived in a bright and crisp Dublin at approximately eight a.m. It was bitterly cold with a slight breeze but I was excited to hop on the coach into the city centre... After checking-in at Cassidy's hotel we dropped off our luggage and headed for the city centre for some much-needed breakfast, tea and coffee.

When in Dublin | Day One

apologies for shocking quality but a throwback to disney world. can you guess who's who?

'Alloooooo! Hope you're all well, and apologies for a very late post as I've been pretty busy today. As you can probably tell from the title, Ella and I are celebrating the big one eight today! I will admit, I feel pretty darn scared that I am officially an adult now, but I am excited to see what this next year brings...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday | The Big One Eight!

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I stumbled across Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago when researching into an article as a contributor for Raggs & Rattle. I instantly fell in love with the absolutely stunning array of items and home d├ęcor (and you all know me and my love for interior design, no?). 

Pinspiration | Anthropologie Home Picks

| a big thank you to ella for taking these images with me in the freezing cold yesterday |

I received the sweetest invitation from ever so gorgeous and talented lady Tori, who writes over at tori's tales, to join her in doing the 'a tour through blogland' tag. Below are my answers, and stay tuned at the end to see who I have invited to do the tag, next... I am hoping this little snippet will help you, my readers get to know me, and this space, a bit more so without further ado, on with the questions...

A Tour Through Blogland

| the last of the sunset | taken this evening 5:48 pm | 

I seem to be writing more of these posts on an evening which I quite like, so I'm considering changing my usual eight a.m. slot to about six p.m. and I hope you don't mind. I think It will actually give me time to reflect on the Wednesday itself as well, as they aren't too bad: a twelve o'clock start at college, with only three lessons, and I am usually home by about half past four, depending on whether I can catch the quicker bus home from town.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

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