I have briefly mentioned this before, but I do love a good stalk of the homeware aisles of shops any chance I can get (even though I'm not yet living in my Grandma cottage - Another story!...) and when I received this absolutely gorgeous candle for my birthday recently, from my brother and his girlfriend, I squealed with delight! 

Within Reason

It wouldn't be the end of the month and Autumn without some favourites, would it? This month and season have been a very busy and exciting indeed. In fact, I was re-reading last year's Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites and it's amazing how quickly a year goes by! 

Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites

Vitamin Jacket - Vitamin  /  Scarf - eBay  /  Mittens - New Look  /  Denim Dress - Asos  /  Shoes - TK Maxx

Well, isn't this a rare sight? To be honest, I've wanted to write a blog post about this jacket ever since I bought it at Sundara Karma's wee gig in Leeds last month, where Vitamin were supporting. (See music being incorporated here?) NB: I kind of envisioned me looking really cool and collected, but I just look an absolute idiot (these were admittedly the best of a very bad bunch of me goofing around!) This is probably why I am usually not a fashion blogger, guys.


Last Sunday I met up with Singer-songwriter, Lucy Rose before her headlining gig at Leeds University Student Union (bringing somewhat déjà vu with Little Comets) - something, admittedly I thought I would have never been able to tick off my list of achievements. All thanks to the folks over at Chuff Media, I managed to make this little dream of mine come true!

Lucy - with her first album in particular - actually helped me get over someone quite quickly, about this time last year (whether this was her intention to initially write such songs for this purpose, I am unsure) I don't think if it were for Like I Used To then I think I would still be an emotional wreck (ha).

Why not have a read of our little natter, below?

An Interview with Lucy Rose


Hands up, those of you who have missed out on seeing your favourite band perform because, either none of your friends wanted to go with you, or you were afraid of what people would think of you because you're all by yourself? 

*Raises hand*

This post you could say is a continuum of my recent 'essay' which I titled Doing Things That Scare Me. And, oh boy, did I manage to do that!

A Triumph | Gigging It Alone

It was on Monday when I met up with two members of London-Based Rock/Pop band Eliza & The Bear, frontman James Kellegher and guitarist Martin Dukelow, at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds before their headlining gig for their October tour. With a cheerful 'Hello!' and the shake of hands, we were soon sat down on some comfortable (albeit rather battered) sofas to have a bit of a natter...

An Interview with Eliza and the Bear

It’s a Friday morning and i’m sat up in bed racking my brains for questions for two up-and-coming interviews on Monday with two bands that are huge and are some people that I particularly admire. I am currently in correspondence with the bands' PR Manager having sent him an email the previous week.

Doing Things That Scare Me

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Rob, Marsicans' manager, saying that they would be more than happy to invite me to one of their up-and-coming gigs (and have a beer with them too!). Admittedly, I was both nearly in tears and jumping for joy around the whole office at work!...

My friend and I arrived at at about seven o'clock. The weather was perfect for a beer festival - gorgeous skies and a warm glow about the air, with the sun just setting. The atmosphere was - what I would call - "trendy" (I had never seen so many bearded hipsters!).

Gig Review: Marsicans @ Leeds International Beer Festival

Good evening! Many apologies for being missing in action, with were 'Wonderful Wednesday' is concerned... A combination of being tired from work and totally forgetting it's Wednesday were the culprits. However, I actually remembered this week and I'm very excited for the week ahead!...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello, hello! Firstly, I would just like to apologise for being M.I.A - let's say - with where all of my lifestyle posts are concerned - I managed to get quite a few replies from bands with interviews and they are so quick write up and hit 'Publish', I thought 'Why not?' - This should however, slow down for the time being as I have quite a few personal posts up my sleeve. Anyway, on with my Miscellaneous Summer Favourites!...

Miscellaneous Summer Favourites

I have an interview for you with Joe and Aaron from the band Maven Fiction. Aaron got in touch with through email - a few weeks ago - with a link to one of their tracks 'Can I Keep You' and they said they would definitely love to do an interview for my blog. And - bless them - they came to Leeds to visit me for the day! We had a stroll round Leeds Art Gallery - a particular favourite haunt of mine - and sat down for a coffee and natter.

An Interview with Maven Fiction

Meet Alexander: An alternative-pop band from Newcastle. I took the opportunity to interview two of the members, James Simpson and Anth Snowdon about their up-and-coming October tour and a few other bits and pieces. Feel free to have a listen to their music down below on their SoundCloud. You wont regret it...

An Interview with Alexander

Lisbon released  their debut EP 'Life is Good' on Friday and I took the opportunity to ask them a few questions so you can get to know them a bit more! The four-piece - Matthew, Joe, Gaz and Alex - who hail from Whitley Bay, Newcastle have recently been compared to the likes of Little Comets (I just cannot get away from these guys!) and Foals - described as rather a 'magical combination'! I invite you check out the band's answers below...

An Interview with Lisbon

Hey y'all! Hope you are all well, and that your week is going alright so far! This week for myself this week has been very exciting indeed with starting my new job and other bits and pieces! I hope you don't mind this post being a tad later than usual, as I'm ruddy shattered this evening and currently curled up watching some television!...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

With their latest single 'Voodoo' just being released, I took the opportunity to interview Welsh trio, We're No Heroes (composed of Tom Collins, Michael Owen, and Luke Llewellyn).  With their sound being described as "Experimental" mixed with "Pop" and "Techno" I was intrigued to hear their sound, and - of course - see what they had to say about themselves. I really hope you enjoy this question and answer session.

An Interview with We're No Heroes

Oh, A Levels, am I certainly glad to see the back of you! You have truly made the last two years of my life a misery, a living hell (I could go on) and I've figured out you weren't for me.

To start with, in what right mind did I ever think to choose four essay subjects was a good idea, is beyond me?! I took English Language, English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Sociology (which I later dropped at A2 Level). I have to admit, choosing Classics was a very last-minute decision, as I was originally going to take only three subjects (and then I would have most definitely have been pretty much buggered). I chose English because they were my highest grades at GCSE, and I had fallen pretty much head-over-heals for Sociology.

(Not) An Ode To A Levels

Evening! My goodness, what a contrast to last week - i.e. most days being spent writing, celebrating, listening to Lucy Rose on repeat - you get the picture - and what news to share with you all! I do hope that you are all well and that your week so far has been good. 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

Meet Marsicans an upbeat indie-pop band from Leeds, England. I took the opportunity to email their manager, Rob, to ask if I might be able to interview the band and he came back saying they would be 'delighted'! (which really made me smile). Being compared to the likes of Little Comets, and Vampire Weekend, is there any wonder I was dancing around my whole house when I received the loveliest and funniest email from them? (De ja vu and flashbacks with Little Comets' manager coming on strong). I invite you to seriously check out the interview below if you fancy a good giggle!...

An Interview with Marsicans

Hi everyone! Long time no 'Wonderful Wednesday' update (apologies about that). This week has been really busy so far having agreed to do five interviews, five days in a row! I have loved the gorgeous weather we've had today as well! Also...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

Ciao! Last week I went on holiday with my family to Italy, and I thought I would share with you a few snaps of each place we visited. We stayed in the walled city of Treviso (also known as 'Little Venice') with it's tiny meandering streets and gorgeous views, it was delightful to take photographs of...

Italy | Treviso

If you have been following this wee blog for a while now, you'll know that often an opportunity will arise that I get to interview some of my favourite bands and musicians. I have had a few people ask me 'You've got an interview with who?!' (queue fangirls) or 'How do you get all these interviews?!' so I thought I would put all my tips into writing for those of you would perhaps like to take the same step as I did...

My Tips on Interviewing Bands and Musicians

It wasn't until recently that I began listening to podcasts, particularly with the wonderful world that is soundcloud. I tend to listen to them as background noise if I feel that music just is too much (if that, at all, makes sense?). I have picked out four top notch podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and I hope that you will like them too. Enjoy...

Four Podcasts That I Love

Hello! Wonderful Wednesday is back and I have had a pretty good week with some exciting things coming up, also. I hope you're all well and would love to know what has brightened up your week so far... 

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

* Phone background image © Dana at Wonderforest

Hello! Remember me? I am officially up and running as Little Voice now and I feel loads happier with the look and the name. Just everything in all honesty (even if there were tantrums to be had and a full weekend of installing the domain. However, all is sorted!).

I'm Back | Hello Little Voice!

Disposable film / View from my Bedroom

Hello friends, family, readers of this little space, I have an announcement for you all today, and it is not one that I have not taken lightly, and have given much thought into since the beginning of March.

An Identity Crisis and New Horizons Ahead

Happy mid-week everyone! I hope you're all enjoying half-term those of you still in full time education despite revision. I have been feeling a little under the weather since Monday but a cold really kicked in yesterday so I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself and sneezing a lot. Nevertheless... 

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday

Literature I loved this Spring were Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Submarine by Joe Dunthorne. Both novels at different ends of the genre spectrum but both so enjoyable to read on the way to and from college on the bus. Gone Girl was a gripping thriller (something I am not usually a fan of) but reading rave reviews and FOMO hitting hard, I just had to pick it up from my bookshelf, dust it down and read it. I am desperate to try and watch the film at some point as well. Submarine was the polar opposite and had me in absolute stitches on the bus - Joe Dunthorne is an exceptional writer and does sarcasm really well - I please urge you to pick up copies, if you haven't done so already.

Miscellaneous Spring Favourites

Evening, I hope you're all well. Here we are another week, another Wednesday! Boy has this week been quite a roller coaster of emotions but today I so, so, so happy as it was my last day ever of A2 lessons (more on my thoughts on A Levels to come soon) and I was overjoyed that I never have to step foot in certain classrooms ever again (yes, I'm looking at you Classics)!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

I found this gorgeous and chilling cover of Violence Out Tonight by Little Comets just last week when browsing on SoundCloud. I instantly fell in love with SannaEllen's voice and I have had it on repeat for about four days. 

Violence Out Tonight

There are some real perks to Twitter, and interacting with bands and bagging yourself a face-to-face interview is definitely one of them! I met Rock band The Cradles at the Fox & Newt pub, in Leeds before their headlining gig a couple of weeks ago. The band consists of Joe Norman on vocals, Kieran O’Brien and Toby Andrews on electric guitars, Declan Andrews on drums, and Luke Haines on bass.   

An Interview with The Cradles

Hi everyone, a real quick post this evening! I hope you're all well and that your week is going a-okay (with exam season already in full swing for most of you, a well-deserved break is needed this evening or this weekend!). 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

* Farfetch Curates: Food  c/o Farfetch 

A while ago, the folks over at Farfetch got in touch to say they are releasing three new books and would very much like to send me their latest release Farfetch Curates: Food.

On the Table | Farfetch Curates: Food

Evening all, I hope you are all well and that you had a great four day weekend. This last week has been really good all round and I'm currently sat curled up preparing for an interview next Wednesday which is all very exciting but I'm so, so, so nervous! 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

Politics: Something I wasn't very interested in when I was younger. I have had one class on the subject throughout my whole fourteen years of compulsory education (bearing in mind, I did not choose Politics as an A Level option) and it was taught by a Maths teacher, when I was in my last year of high school. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think that is right?

Why I am Voting in the General Election 2015

Don't shoot *waves white flag*! I know I have been terrible with blog posts as far as 'Wonderful Wednesday' is concerned! However, I am back and this week has been and is going to be very exciting!... 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday, I was invited along to the The Leeds Vintage Kilo Sale at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. I brought my friend Rachel, along with me (who writes a blog here). The church was bustling with vintage and retro lovers! It was really exciting to wander round, hoping we would find something to stuff our bags with. Admittedly, it was also pretty good for people-watching and finding inspiration for outfits and how to stylishly wear vintage items without looking like your grandmother.

The Leeds Vintage Kilo Sale

Jack Haining w/ Support at The Pack Horse, Leeds on Sunday 12ᵗʰ April 2015
My family and I made our way to The Pack Horse to support Jack Haining with his EP Launch In A Conjured Land. The venue was upstairs in a fairly small room, but the crowd was full of avid supporters of Jack's music (mainly friends and family - but more what could you want?).

Gig Review: Jack Haining EP Launch @ The Pack Horse, Leeds

*Eden Grey Chevron Paper Straws ℅ Prairie Charms

On Friday night, I went out with a few friends from college and beforehand we had some pre-drinks with the help of Prairie Charms, we spruced up our drinks with some of their paper straws from their new 'Habitat' range (which you can take a look at here). Us girls like a good bit of Rosé as well as a little tipple of Vodka and Coke, and these straws made us feel, let's say... civilised, and dare I say 'cute'? These straws were awesome, and my friends thought they were adorable.

As a special gesture from Prairie Charms, all profits from this collaboration will be donated to the, 'Make a Wish Foundation' which grants wishes to children and young people who are suffering from life-threatening conditions which I think is amazing! 

Pre-Drinks with Prairie Charms

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well and you had a great Easter weekend, celebrating eating a load of chocolate (much like myself) and spending it with loved ones.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy April Fools (although do you actually celebrate it?) Anyway, I hope you're all well and that this week has been good to you so far and that many of you are excited for Easter!... 

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday


Charlotte Haining is a family friend of mine, and someone whom I have known since I was a little girl (and is older sister to Jack, who I interviewed back in November). I sat down to ask Charlotte a few questions on her career so far and here are her answers. I hope you enjoy this little question and answer session.

An Interview with Charlotte Haining

Evening! Hope you're all well and that your week is going swimmingly so far. This week, again has been really, really quiet but eventful (and scarily coincidental on Monday) but I'm slowly getting into the zone of revision... 

...What has been Wonderful (and slightly spooky) this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

I have been meaning to start my new series 'Fresh Finds Playlist' for absolutely ages but, in all honesty, from about October to *takes a huge gasp* to about February, I was stuck in what I call 'Little Comets Rut'. However, it all turned around the end of February/beginning of March, I began listening to a wider variety of music (thank god!).

Fresh Finds Playlist

Evening! Hope you're all well and this week has been a-okay so far. This week, for me anyway, has been quieter than most so far, which I quite like in all honesty!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Little Comets w/ Model Aeroplanes at Fibbers, York on Friday 6ᵗʰ March 2015
It was freezing, when Ella, Rachel and I arrived at around 7:20 PM (bearing in mind my attire for the evening was merely a dress and denim jacket), but we were quickly let through into the building. We’re actually ‘in’ after being ID’d (this is bound to happen with myself looking about twelve) with a stamp that certifies us to be provided with alcohol.

Gig Review: Little Comets & Model Aeroplanes @ Fibbers, York

'Ey up! How's tha doin'? (FYI: That's Yorkshire dialect for: 'Hello! How are you?'). I am so happy today! Why? It's halfway through a new week and I'm actually on top of everything and exciting things have been/and are happening...

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” 

"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will

I was introduced to Charlotte and Emily Brontë after visiting Haworth, and the Parsonage Museum, with my mum and other friends, for one weekend. I was about the age of eight, and I fell in love. There was something in their writing that I had never encountered in any of the children's books I had read at a younger age. I had been so naïve and they opened up a completely new perspective and new world to me. Their works are truly extraordinary and inspiring to me, with the ideology of Feminism running throughout them. These sisters, completely, went against the norms of Victorian literature, shocking their audiences with their stories and were completely revolutionary at the time (although I don't think anyone would disagree, that they aren't, now, more than ever). 

The Female Writers That Made Me Who I Am

I asked on twitter quite a few weeks ago, if anyone would like to see, I quote, "a blog post of how I keep organised (just with life)". A few people jumped at the chance of screaming "Yes please!" and clicking that favourite button like there was not tomorrow, so I obliged and here we have it... I hope you find this, somewhat useful! 

Keeping Organised on a Daily Basis

Good evening! I hope that you are all well and this week has treated you kindly so far. This week I have been back at college from February half term (which was bloomin' lovely, if I do say so myself), which has been a little bit of a shock to the system with having to wake-up at about six a.m. having been getting out of bed at about nine. However, I'm sure my body will get used to it again.

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham was one of my Christmas presents, from my mum, due to being a big fan of Lena's series GIRLS and generally being a fan of Lena herself. After hearing a lot of controversy with parts of the book, it made me a lot more intrigued to read it. This book had me  both howling with laughter, and crying my eyes out, particularly in the first part titled 'Love & Sex'. I suggest you try and pick up a copy or even borrow it from one of your friends...

Miscellaneous Winter Favourites

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