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Hello friends, family, readers of this little space, I have an announcement for you all today, and it is not one that I have not taken lightly, and have given much thought into since the beginning of March.

An Identity Crisis and New Horizons Ahead

Happy mid-week everyone! I hope you're all enjoying half-term those of you still in full time education despite revision. I have been feeling a little under the weather since Monday but a cold really kicked in yesterday so I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself and sneezing a lot. Nevertheless... 

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday

Literature I loved this Spring were Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Submarine by Joe Dunthorne. Both novels at different ends of the genre spectrum but both so enjoyable to read on the way to and from college on the bus. Gone Girl was a gripping thriller (something I am not usually a fan of) but reading rave reviews and FOMO hitting hard, I just had to pick it up from my bookshelf, dust it down and read it. I am desperate to try and watch the film at some point as well. Submarine was the polar opposite and had me in absolute stitches on the bus - Joe Dunthorne is an exceptional writer and does sarcasm really well - I please urge you to pick up copies, if you haven't done so already.

Miscellaneous Spring Favourites

Evening, I hope you're all well. Here we are another week, another Wednesday! Boy has this week been quite a roller coaster of emotions but today I so, so, so happy as it was my last day ever of A2 lessons (more on my thoughts on A Levels to come soon) and I was overjoyed that I never have to step foot in certain classrooms ever again (yes, I'm looking at you Classics)!

What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

I found this gorgeous and chilling cover of Violence Out Tonight by Little Comets just last week when browsing on SoundCloud. I instantly fell in love with SannaEllen's voice and I have had it on repeat for about four days. 

Violence Out Tonight

There are some real perks to Twitter, and interacting with bands and bagging yourself a face-to-face interview is definitely one of them! I met Rock band The Cradles at the Fox & Newt pub, in Leeds before their headlining gig a couple of weeks ago. The band consists of Joe Norman on vocals, Kieran O’Brien and Toby Andrews on electric guitars, Declan Andrews on drums, and Luke Haines on bass.   

An Interview with The Cradles

Hi everyone, a real quick post this evening! I hope you're all well and that your week is going a-okay (with exam season already in full swing for most of you, a well-deserved break is needed this evening or this weekend!). 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

* Farfetch Curates: Food  c/o Farfetch 

A while ago, the folks over at Farfetch got in touch to say they are releasing three new books and would very much like to send me their latest release Farfetch Curates: Food.

On the Table | Farfetch Curates: Food

Evening all, I hope you are all well and that you had a great four day weekend. This last week has been really good all round and I'm currently sat curled up preparing for an interview next Wednesday which is all very exciting but I'm so, so, so nervous! 

What has been wonderful this Wednesday... 

Wonderful Wednesday

Politics: Something I wasn't very interested in when I was younger. I have had one class on the subject throughout my whole fourteen years of compulsory education (bearing in mind, I did not choose Politics as an A Level option) and it was taught by a Maths teacher, when I was in my last year of high school. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think that is right?

Why I am Voting in the General Election 2015

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