It wasn't until recently that I began listening to podcasts, particularly with the wonderful world that is soundcloud. I tend to listen to them as background noise if I feel that music just is too much (if that, at all, makes sense?). I have picked out four top notch podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and I hope that you will like them too. Enjoy...

Four Podcasts That I Love

Hello! Wonderful Wednesday is back and I have had a pretty good week with some exciting things coming up, also. I hope you're all well and would love to know what has brightened up your week so far... 

...What has been wonderful this Wednesday...

Wonderful Wednesday

* Phone background image © Dana at Wonderforest

Hello! Remember me? I am officially up and running as Little Voice now and I feel loads happier with the look and the name. Just everything in all honesty (even if there were tantrums to be had and a full weekend of installing the domain. However, all is sorted!).

I'm Back | Hello Little Voice!

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