Hello, hello! Firstly, I would just like to apologise for being M.I.A - let's say - with where all of my lifestyle posts are concerned - I managed to get quite a few replies from bands with interviews and they are so quick write up and hit 'Publish', I thought 'Why not?' - This should however, slow down for the time being as I have quite a few personal posts up my sleeve. Anyway, on with my Miscellaneous Summer Favourites!...

Miscellaneous Summer Favourites

I have an interview for you with Joe and Aaron from the band Maven Fiction. Aaron got in touch with through email - a few weeks ago - with a link to one of their tracks 'Can I Keep You' and they said they would definitely love to do an interview for my blog. And - bless them - they came to Leeds to visit me for the day! We had a stroll round Leeds Art Gallery - a particular favourite haunt of mine - and sat down for a coffee and natter.

An Interview with Maven Fiction

Meet Alexander: An alternative-pop band from Newcastle. I took the opportunity to interview two of the members, James Simpson and Anth Snowdon about their up-and-coming October tour and a few other bits and pieces. Feel free to have a listen to their music down below on their SoundCloud. You wont regret it...

An Interview with Alexander

Lisbon released  their debut EP 'Life is Good' on Friday and I took the opportunity to ask them a few questions so you can get to know them a bit more! The four-piece - Matthew, Joe, Gaz and Alex - who hail from Whitley Bay, Newcastle have recently been compared to the likes of Little Comets (I just cannot get away from these guys!) and Foals - described as rather a 'magical combination'! I invite you check out the band's answers below...

An Interview with Lisbon

Hey y'all! Hope you are all well, and that your week is going alright so far! This week for myself this week has been very exciting indeed with starting my new job and other bits and pieces! I hope you don't mind this post being a tad later than usual, as I'm ruddy shattered this evening and currently curled up watching some television!...

What has been wonderful this Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

With their latest single 'Voodoo' just being released, I took the opportunity to interview Welsh trio, We're No Heroes (composed of Tom Collins, Michael Owen, and Luke Llewellyn).  With their sound being described as "Experimental" mixed with "Pop" and "Techno" I was intrigued to hear their sound, and - of course - see what they had to say about themselves. I really hope you enjoy this question and answer session.

An Interview with We're No Heroes

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