It wouldn't be the end of the month and Autumn without some favourites, would it? This month and season have been a very busy and exciting indeed. In fact, I was re-reading last year's Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites and it's amazing how quickly a year goes by! 

Miscellaneous Autumnal Favourites

Vitamin Jacket - Vitamin  /  Scarf - eBay  /  Mittens - New Look  /  Denim Dress - Asos  /  Shoes - TK Maxx

Well, isn't this a rare sight? To be honest, I've wanted to write a blog post about this jacket ever since I bought it at Sundara Karma's wee gig in Leeds last month, where Vitamin were supporting. (See music being incorporated here?) NB: I kind of envisioned me looking really cool and collected, but I just look an absolute idiot (these were admittedly the best of a very bad bunch of me goofing around!) This is probably why I am usually not a fashion blogger, guys.


Last Sunday I met up with Singer-songwriter, Lucy Rose before her headlining gig at Leeds University Student Union (bringing somewhat déjà vu with Little Comets) - something, admittedly I thought I would have never been able to tick off my list of achievements. All thanks to the folks over at Chuff Media, I managed to make this little dream of mine come true!

Lucy - with her first album in particular - actually helped me get over someone quite quickly, about this time last year (whether this was her intention to initially write such songs for this purpose, I am unsure) I don't think if it were for Like I Used To then I think I would still be an emotional wreck (ha).

Why not have a read of our little natter, below?

An Interview with Lucy Rose

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