It was on Monday afternoon when I received the devastating news of my one of my favourite bands The Maccabees had announced the end of their career. I had been blissfully unaware, having only just been listening to them a couple of days before.

The news came from all sources on social media and I was with my friends at the time - eyes wide, jaw gaping open - and in disbelief, I eventually said "Oh, my god. One of my favourite bands, The Maccabees, have announced the end."

I was introduced to The Maccabees by my older brother, I want to say around the year of 2009, when I'd badgered him for pretty much all of his top picks to be added to my then iPod Nano (third generation). By the time I came across them, they had already released two albums Colour It In (2007) and Wall of Arms (2009)

Then, I remember scrolling through my iPod with all of my new music on and something made me stop on them. I  was instantly intrigued by their name (as I was with every other piece of my new music. But I grew to love each and every artist on my tiny iPod. I still treasure it)  Their music washed over me. I was giddy with delight and utterly beguiled. I found Toothpaste Kisses adorable from Colour It In and I ended up falling totally and utterly head over heals for their second album Wall Of Arms. I then did the same with their (now) penultimate album Given To The Wild (2012)

Like many other humans on this planet, I grew up with The Maccabees and their music was something I think - looking back, now - probably took for granted? I never imagined them to split up so soon after their most recent album last year Marks To Prove It which shot to the number one spot. They've been doing this for more than fourteen years and it must have been a really difficult decision for them.

Spotify has endured a battering of The Maccabees on repeat from myself, and I wanted to end this post with some of my favourite tracks from them: Pelican, Ayla, Toothpaste Kisses, First Love, Seventeen Hands, Young Lions, Dinasours and Marks To Prove It.

"She's the flutter in my heart
The spring is in my step"

The End

No, I'm not talking about that 'F' word per say (although there's no denying you can use them both within the same sentence!) but I'm talking about Feminism today and how recently getting my new iPhone 5S (a decision that took me forever and decade, to decide!) has opened a whole new realm of phone accessories and wallpapers, and I thought I'd share with you all my favourites.

I will admit, it's been such a while since I did one of these particular 'Wishlist' type post and I missed them. I love scouring the web, finding awesome bits and pieces for you lovely lot and putting together the collages... I'm loving the more Feminist type posts on my blog as well (as much as I hope you are) One of my favourite bloggers, Tara from Cattitude & Co. even tweeted me with a huge 'Yes' when asking about this post so, thank you!

Fancy getting your hands on these and even more? Your free downloadables are right here!

one / two / three / four / five / six 
I really hope that this post has given you some more inspiration to accessories your phones/gadgets with some pretty rad Feminist slogans and badass images to make people think and look twice. I mean, who would say "No" to a phone case with cats or Frida Kahlo on? I certainly wouldn't! I will certainly be purchasing and downloading more bits and pieces in the future. Be Feminist and proud!

Awesome Riot Grrrl Gadget Accessories

Phillips Headphones (TK Maxx), Loser Pin (Oh Gosh Cindy), Lipstick (Urban Decay) & #Girlboss Radio Podcast (Spotify) 

I'm behind with the times and this month, I finally caved and decided to get the 30-Day free trial of Spotify Premium, I was immersed in a colourful sea of Feminist podcasts that have been pretty damn inspiring to listen to whilst at work. So good, in fact, I couldn't wait to show you and write a blog post for you all... Often music just gets a bit too much (especially all the Feminist beatz blaring out...) and a podcast can be a great alternative to listen to in the background and won't distract you whilst working, or even on your daily commute. 

#Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso
Founder of Nasty Gal and author of #Girlboss (still yet to read!), Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. Expect hilarious co-hosts and conversations you won't hear anywhere else. 

Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham
I was always a huge fan of Lena Dunham's HBO series GIRLS as well as her book of essays, Not That Kind of Girl and when I stumbled upon her podcasts, I squealed and downloaded them all. Lena Dunham hosts this podcast series on friendship, love, work, bodies and more and includes some great co-hosts including best friend Jemima Kirke.

Stuff Mom Never Told You by Cristen Conger & Caroline Ervin
The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts get straight down to business of being women from every imaginable angle. Episode topics include Ghosting, A Feminist Marriage and questioning Are Women Bigger Winners?

Slates Double X Podcasts by Slate Magazine
Last, but by no means least, the Slate Double X podcasts are founded by women from the Slate Blog but claim the topics are not just for women with topics included Fun Fearless Females, The #Hashtag and (my favourite!) Stay Seated Bro episode.

I hope you enjoyed my top picks. What podcasts do you listen to?

The Best Badass Feminist Podcasts

Photograph c/o LISBON Twitter

It was on Wednesday when I met up with Newcastle's finest LISBON at Oporto in Leeds before their headline show to kick off their monstrous UK Spring tour. Despite having broken his hand, frontman, Matty, seemed eager to get on stage and perform in front of a Yorkshire crowd again. I quizzed him on touring, their new single and fighting harassment at gigs. 

Hey, guys! Thanks for letting me interview you tonight before the show. How are you?

We're good thanks - Feeling excited and very fresh ahead of the tour. I've got a broken hand but apart from that, everyone's very fresh [laughs] 

And the tour starts tonight in Leeds - How are you feeling about that?

Good! We had a good warm-up last week in Stockton - It was good to play all of the songs before we play in front of a 'tour' audience, so we feel very prepared, more prepared than in the past, I'd say. 

Good stuff! Do you have any advice for being on tour?

Advice? Step one: Get a van! We've got three cars today and we don't have a van for two more days, so that's the first step. I think also, going on tour with people you like also helps - You should never go on tour with people you don't like - it never ends well!

What can you tell me about your latest single 'Shark'? 

Shark is actually one of our oldest songs we have. We started playing that before we started gigging as a proper band. We re-vamped it to fit our style more now, and lyrically, it's about our struggles within the music industry and how there's a lot of sharks out there trying to get you and trying to keep your head above the water and not get bitten, essentially. 

What can your fans expect from your live shows?

Lots of power, strength, lots of intense performances, big sounds, good lighting. We've also got a lot more percussion now, we're more of a 'Percussive Rock' band now, I think and we've taken that forward and become a bigger presence on stage.

Photograph c/o Boys by Girls

In the past, you've been compared to the likes of Little Comets and Foals. Do you still agree with these sorts of comparisons?

I think the Foals comparison is still very valid because in a sense, they're a very powerful band on stage and we admire that and them as a band and our new focus is being a powerful band as well. As for the Little Comets comparison, I can see, especially in the last few months and in the future, I can see that becoming a lot looser. In terms of melody and that kind of thing, I can see it. But the Foals comparison more so. 

When I first interviewed you, last year, you'd just released your EP 'Life is Good' Would you say your sound has evolved since then?

Definitely. If you imagine then, we were a much cleaner pop band, whereas now, we've started making music that is more rough and that we enjoy more. It's sort of gone from a softer, more polished sound to a heavier rugged sort. 

Right now, there is a big campaign 'Girls Against' which is trying to raise awareness of harassment at gigs. Is this something you're passionate about fighting?

I don't think we've ever come across that at our gigs, personally but at the same time, I suppose you don't know what goes on, especially some of our rowdier gigs. I think everyone should have a good time and shouldn't have to worry about that sort of thing. 

Finally, if you weren't in Lisbon what could you see yourself doing instead?

I write stories, so I'd be two novels deep by now [laughs] and I worked on a farm last week. I think agriculture would be the way, spending the whole time looking out of the window - The quiet life! That was a good question, I like questions like that. 

Thank you very much for the interview, boys! You can catch LISBON live right now (Tour Dates) and you can listen to Shark on YouTube

Backstage with Lisbon

Image Credit Niall Lea Photography / VITAMIN: Theo, Harrison, Jared & Cameron

It was the third time lucky snapping up this interview with Leeds-based indie-pop quartet Vitamin. Having seen them quite a few times locally around Leeds, I knew I wanted to interview them for my blog. I met up with two members of the band, Cameron, and Theo, at Brudenell Social Club where they were supporting The Magic Gang to have a natter about their new single, their alternate dream jobs and Feminism. 

Hello! Thanks for letting me interview you guys. How are you doing?
T: Amazing. A little bit hungover, but I think I feel less hungover because the show is sold out. 

You're currently supporting The Magic Gang on tour. How's it been so far?
C: It's been awesome. We love that band! All of the shows have been great.

Great! Have there been any shows you've liked in particular?
C: Oxford was sick because we'd never really been there before. They've all been great, but  that was amazing. I'd been there when I was younger but we just had a fucking great day out - It was lovely.

T: Also, St. Albans was really good  because I don't think anyone was expecting that many people to turn up to the venue, so that was a bit of a surprise!

And how did Vitamin originally form together?
C: Basically Theo Jared and I went to school together and we decided to form a new band and then we met Harry at a party and said "Right do we want to give this a go" and that's what we did and here we are today! 

We're here at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, a local haunt for you. Would you say this is your favourite venue?
T: Yeah, there's no two ways about it! It's just great.

C: I'm here most weeks, I'd say - Far too often [laughs]

You'll also be back here for Live at Leeds on Saturday. Is there anyone you're particularly looking forward to catching, this year?
T: We're clashing with - don't quote me on this - but I think we're clashing with Jesse Glynn, Blossoms and Sundara Karma. I want to see Izzy Bizu and other people - I definitely want to get out and see some acts. We've been going to Live at Leeds since we were thirteen and fourteen - It's still got a weird 'reminiscent' feel to it.

I understand that some of your influences as a band include big names such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals. Is their success something you also look up to? 
C: I definitely admire their success. You have to do everything in your own way, you have to be very clear of who you are and where you want to go. But I definitely admire those bands - seeing them from their first albums and playing in the Cockpit when that was still a venue in Leeds to now Leeds First direct arena - Just amazing.

Right now, there is a big campaign 'Girls Against' which is trying to raise awareness of harassment at gigs. I understand this is something you recently got involved in. Is this something you're passionate about fighting?
C: Absolutely. With something like Girls Against and the fact that how young they are. It's an issue that no one had ever really spoken about - I remember going to gigs with female friends when I was younger and it's always been an issue.

T: I think it's a good entry point into music as well - In terms of Feminism - because it's still so rife everywhere and sexism is still so embedded in our society. As a band, that is a very strong belief of ours.

You recently released your latest single 'Waterfall' - Congratulations! From listening to it, the sound (to me) seems to differentiate from your previous sound. Is this a way of gearing up for your debut album? 
C: It's definitely a little flavour! The debut album will have pop-ier tunes and more guitar-based tunes, and the new single is just a flavour of what's going on.

You refer to your fanbase as 'Brothers & Sisters' Would you say that this to build more of a 'community' almost with your fans? 
T: Yeah, community in music is important, and we do feel especially at our headlining shows that everyone that comes is completely as important as us. At the end of the day, without our fans, we'd be nothing, so it really does feel like one big family. Like at our Brudenell shows at the end of last year? That was probably the highlight and it felt like everyone was completely together. We love them!

And would you say that social media helps a lot with this more? 
T: Yes, because everyone uses social media! I haven't met anyone that doesn't use social media.

C: You can't ignore it, it's a part of society. Everyone just uses it as a tool to connect with different people and it's grown with the times. We all use it - maybe a bit too much [laughs] and it's just a courteous thing to do, to reply to tweets and we try our best. T tries his best.

Finally, if you weren't in Vitamin what could you see yourself doing instead?
C: Oh, I was talking about this the other day! I would like to be a night watchman in a museum because Night At The Museum is one of my favourite films!
T: Oh, I really want to think of a good answer... I'd be a photographer or a DJ, living it up in Ibiza. There you go!

Thanks to Theo and Cameron for letting me quiz them! You can catch them still on tour with The Magic Gang (Tour Dates) and you can listen to Waterfall on Vevo

Backstage with Vitamin

Photo c/o Model Aeroplanes Facebook
Scottish indie-pop quartet Model Aeroplanes released their debut EP Something Like Heaven on Friday 4th March 2016 with Island Records (who they signed to last year). The EP is something of a slight surprise to fans, having had the band tease us on social media since the end of last year with the likes of new-releases-coming-soon statuses and tweets but they admittedly slipped under my radar for quite a while and I was pining for new music from the four-piece then BOOM, they drop this epic EP.

The EP was released at the beginning of their recent headliner tour across Scotland and England, last month (something which came in useful for their live acts) - The EP has just four tracks, which are filled with the iridescent sounds of summer, enabling listeners to get those tropical vibes, all throughout the cold and bitter chill still lingering (even if it is meant to be Spring right now...)

Something Like Heaven, the first track (and the title of the EP) is first up and without a doubt is the very usual sound of the band with the melodic riffs which has you swaying and doing all kinds of stupid dance moves, as well as making you have hallucinations thinking you're on a beach sipping a PiƱa Colada.

Next up is The Wild which has something of 'rock' element to it. However, the track soon picks up and we are left off with the usual synths of the band's sound with the additional soothing vocals or Rory and the additional backing vocals - something of an eighties element very much included within this track with the changing of the drums too.

The penultimate song Whatever Dress Suits You Better will be something fans of Model Aeroplanes will already know having been written two and a half years prior to the EP. The band is said to have wanted to change it up a bit and that meant changing the lyrics and the sound just a little bit and they wanted to add a song everyone already knew to the EP and I think this is a perfect choice.

Finally, we are left stunned by Toothache wth it's incredibly infectious guitar riff and amazing drums. The track has you feeling free almost and it's so darn catchy - Admittedly my favourite track on the band's EP and again has you doing all sorts of weird dance moves (Or maybe that is just me?) 

Overall Something Like Heaven is a bloody good EP for the ears from the Scottish quartet and I urge you to give it a listen - It'll probably make you want to book a trip to the Maldives (Disclaimer: I didn't put you up to this!) 

Purchase Something Like Heaven from iTunes and listen on Spotify

EP Review: Something Like Heaven by Model Aeroplanes

A Collision of Two Stars (IG Poem), Creative Writing Handbook, Ariel by Sylvia Plath, Dipping Pen & Ink, Notebook. 

Drafted hundreds of times but never published, this post has been a long time coming. I think because I felt I was dreaming it all up. It wasn't really happening.

This post is for the little girl who always dreamt of studying an English degree at University but only until now, having the confidence to say "I can." and "I will." - As of September, I will be packing up my bags and will be moving to a new city and I will be studying Creative Writing & English Language BA (Joint Hons) - Something if you asked me a year ago, I would have said a huge 'No' to even the idea of Univeristy.

All the hours of writing and dreaming seem to be finally paying off. I have had the time to  get some work experience, doing my Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, and in that time, choose a degree that I have fully set my heart on, and having a great feeling about the whole experience.

Never did I think I would be offered two unconditional places at two fantastic Universities after just a few days of sending off my application via UCAS. My phone nearly got a beating, as I was on my way to into town for a gig,  and I got the email, just as I headed out of the door. I rang every member of my family as soon as I saw the two thumbs up with the unconditional offers and honestly, couldn't quite believe it. I was sure it was the mistake and had to double (okay... triple) check it actually said what it did!

Right now, I'm still carrying on with my apprenticeship and don't finish that until August and then I move to University late September. I couldn't be more excited for this new adventure... Perhaps more updates to come, but, for now, all I can do is wait and carry on practicing and reading (... and, of course, mentally plan out my new room in halls.) 

I'm Going to University!

It was International Women's Day on Tuesday 8th March and I thought what better way to continue last year's post of discussing, even more, the female writers that made me who I am. I absolutely love empowering women who inspire me, especially if I can natter on about them for ages and share my favourite books with friends. 

The Female Writers That Made Me Who I Am (Part Deux)

Another end of another month and here we are with another New Releases This Month post, with yet again an extremely strikingly colourful background (See my last post ya get me?) February was the month of Love and boy has there been some amazing music hitting my ears and I thought I'd compile some of my favourite chuuuuunes.

The most recent Leeds Brudenell Social Club residents VITAMIN graced the music scene with their first, highly anticipated, single for the new year This Isn't Love, since their EP To Believe (released late on in 2015). With their usual pop-funk melodies, it's not hard to recognise their sound. The single was premiered on Huw Stephen's show and the video was soon released on Valentines Day no less.

Give all of the singles a listen here:

New Releases This Month

Hey... I went a bit AWOL didn't I? Sorry about that, mega busy this past month. However, I have been loving a lot of things this winter and I always have time for Miscellaneous Favourites because I like writing them up and hearing what you have been loving too.

First up is my I've-been-wearing-pretty-much-every-day Asos Petite Denim Pinafore Dress (here) - It's just so comfortable, so easy to chuck on over blouses and tops (Queen of stripes over here!) and paired with my Dr Marten shoes, it's my go-to gig outfit. Plus, I feel pretty darn amazing in it (and the added bonus of those handy pockets) A total winner from Asos, again.

Miscellaneous Winter Favourites

A bit of #GirlPower on the blog for you all today! *Fist Pump* On Saturday night, I met up with singer/songwriter Rosie Lowe before her headlining gig at Headrow House in Leeds to chat about her brand new debut album Control (Hot off the press 19th February 2016) her UK and European tour as well as what she likes to do when she's not working hard. Rosie was an absolute dream to chat to and oh so wonderful - I do hope to catch her again soon.  You can read our chat below...

Backstage with Rosie Lowe


Welcome to 'New Releases' a segment on my blog where... well, I talk about new releases? (It does what it says on the tin - you know what I'm saying?) Anyway (rambling!), this month we've had plenty of awesome singles and albums hurtling towards us, and I thought I'd show you the creme de la creme - I mean after all this is a music blog (yeah?)

New Releases This Month


The Amazons (not to be confused with the greek mythological female warriors!) are a blistering, melodic rock quartet from Reading. 
Born and raised Reading locals, Matt, Joe, Elliot and Chris take the aggression of grunge and punk and splice it with melody and harmony. An infectious mix that absolutely rips your ears to shreds when you hear it live (Note To Self: Purchase earplugs!)

I caught up with the band whilst on their whistle-stop stay in Leeds before their gig at Nation of Shopkeepers on Thursday evening. Shaking my hand and very kindly offering me a drink, as I sat down, I couldn't have felt more at home and reassured! I cannot fault these guys and they were very pleasant and so down-to-earth. Feel free to have read of our chat and listen to their picks from my new Artists Picks Playlist '16 playlist - a new addition to my interviews this year!

An Interview with The Amazons


The Brudenell Social Club is quickly becoming a home away from home and just happened to be the most recent setup for a chat with Liverpudlian four-piece, Clean Cut Kid, whilst they were supporting Shura on her UK tour back in December.

Being described as the likes of "soulful pop, washed in Mersey water” - I was intrigued and their sound was enticing and exhilarating, to say the least, leaving me wanting more from them. I managed to catch them before their set at Brudenell. Read on for the interview!...

An Interview with Clean Cut Kid

Don't you just love a good reflectional post to start off the new year? I didn't think anything could have topped off two years prior, but I think 2015 has beat it hands down. I thought I'd reflect on this year and just write a good ol' essay about how fan-bloody-tastic it's been (I do hope that's okay...)!

A Reflection on 2015

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