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Drafted hundreds of times but never published, this post has been a long time coming. I think because I felt I was dreaming it all up. It wasn't really happening.

This post is for the little girl who always dreamt of studying an English degree at University but only until now, having the confidence to say "I can." and "I will." - As of September, I will be packing up my bags and will be moving to a new city and I will be studying Creative Writing & English Language BA (Joint Hons) - Something if you asked me a year ago, I would have said a huge 'No' to even the idea of Univeristy.

All the hours of writing and dreaming seem to be finally paying off. I have had the time to  get some work experience, doing my Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, and in that time, choose a degree that I have fully set my heart on, and having a great feeling about the whole experience.

Never did I think I would be offered two unconditional places at two fantastic Universities after just a few days of sending off my application via UCAS. My phone nearly got a beating, as I was on my way to into town for a gig,  and I got the email, just as I headed out of the door. I rang every member of my family as soon as I saw the two thumbs up with the unconditional offers and honestly, couldn't quite believe it. I was sure it was the mistake and had to double (okay... triple) check it actually said what it did!

Right now, I'm still carrying on with my apprenticeship and don't finish that until August and then I move to University late September. I couldn't be more excited for this new adventure... Perhaps more updates to come, but, for now, all I can do is wait and carry on practicing and reading (... and, of course, mentally plan out my new room in halls.) 

I'm Going to University!

It was International Women's Day on Tuesday 8th March and I thought what better way to continue last year's post of discussing, even more, the female writers that made me who I am. I absolutely love empowering women who inspire me, especially if I can natter on about them for ages and share my favourite books with friends. 

The Female Writers That Made Me Who I Am (Part Deux)

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