The Best Badass Feminist Podcasts

Phillips Headphones (TK Maxx), Loser Pin (Oh Gosh Cindy), Lipstick (Urban Decay) & #Girlboss Radio Podcast (Spotify) 

I'm behind with the times and this month, I finally caved and decided to get the 30-Day free trial of Spotify Premium, I was immersed in a colourful sea of Feminist podcasts that have been pretty damn inspiring to listen to whilst at work. So good, in fact, I couldn't wait to show you and write a blog post for you all... Often music just gets a bit too much (especially all the Feminist beatz blaring out...) and a podcast can be a great alternative to listen to in the background and won't distract you whilst working, or even on your daily commute. 

#Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso
Founder of Nasty Gal and author of #Girlboss (still yet to read!), Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they've learned along the way. Expect hilarious co-hosts and conversations you won't hear anywhere else. 

Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham
I was always a huge fan of Lena Dunham's HBO series GIRLS as well as her book of essays, Not That Kind of Girl and when I stumbled upon her podcasts, I squealed and downloaded them all. Lena Dunham hosts this podcast series on friendship, love, work, bodies and more and includes some great co-hosts including best friend Jemima Kirke.

Stuff Mom Never Told You by Cristen Conger & Caroline Ervin
The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts get straight down to business of being women from every imaginable angle. Episode topics include Ghosting, A Feminist Marriage and questioning Are Women Bigger Winners?

Slates Double X Podcasts by Slate Magazine
Last, but by no means least, the Slate Double X podcasts are founded by women from the Slate Blog but claim the topics are not just for women with topics included Fun Fearless Females, The #Hashtag and (my favourite!) Stay Seated Bro episode.

I hope you enjoyed my top picks. What podcasts do you listen to?

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