It was on Monday afternoon when I received the devastating news of my one of my favourite bands The Maccabees had announced the end of their career. I had been blissfully unaware, having only just been listening to them a couple of days before.

The news came from all sources on social media and I was with my friends at the time - eyes wide, jaw gaping open - and in disbelief, I eventually said "Oh, my god. One of my favourite bands, The Maccabees, have announced the end."

I was introduced to The Maccabees by my older brother, I want to say around the year of 2009, when I'd badgered him for pretty much all of his top picks to be added to my then iPod Nano (third generation). By the time I came across them, they had already released two albums Colour It In (2007) and Wall of Arms (2009)

Then, I remember scrolling through my iPod with all of my new music on and something made me stop on them. I  was instantly intrigued by their name (as I was with every other piece of my new music. But I grew to love each and every artist on my tiny iPod. I still treasure it)  Their music washed over me. I was giddy with delight and utterly beguiled. I found Toothpaste Kisses adorable from Colour It In and I ended up falling totally and utterly head over heals for their second album Wall Of Arms. I then did the same with their (now) penultimate album Given To The Wild (2012)

Like many other humans on this planet, I grew up with The Maccabees and their music was something I think - looking back, now - probably took for granted? I never imagined them to split up so soon after their most recent album last year Marks To Prove It which shot to the number one spot. They've been doing this for more than fourteen years and it must have been a really difficult decision for them.

Spotify has endured a battering of The Maccabees on repeat from myself, and I wanted to end this post with some of my favourite tracks from them: Pelican, Ayla, Toothpaste Kisses, First Love, Seventeen Hands, Young Lions, Dinasours and Marks To Prove It.

"She's the flutter in my heart
The spring is in my step"

The End

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